New Launcher

My launcher doesn’t look like the one linked here EVE Online launcher – EVE Online

There is no play now button.
The update said we wouldn’t lose any functionality, but we can no longer add “notes” next to the characters. This was very useful.
I do like the lunch specific characters with the launch groups

Why is CCP not here with support staff on the day a new launcher is made mandatory

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I know game developers hardly - if ever - look and read forums these days. Also the last time I filed a ticket, and asked tech support anything, I had to wait almost a week to get a non-response. Basically it was along the lines of “Oh we are just tech support, you need to run that one by a developer.”.

My PC has been acting like a toaster oven on its last gasp ever since I upgraded into the new launcher. If I reboot, then I can play all of my other games at a normal rate and they load faster. When I click the Eve icon the machine takes a lot longer to load it than it did before. I asked in game chat about it and a player told me to ALT Tab to the launcher and Quit from the taskbar. At first I thought they were doing the Ctrl ALT F4 meme on me, but nope, I turned off the launcher and seemed to pick up some speed.

However the PC seems to resist the launcher like a school child resists their homework. Why was this considered better than what we had last week? Maybe a developer could chime in here and explain it? It really doesn’t matter, I am one of those temporary, free, alpha players, who will never buy anything here. I just thought I would pass on my experience to the community and wish them the best of luck.

I am not saying this game is bad, but the new launcher is just woefully awful.

Have fun!

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