The new EVE launcher should be optional

I have never seen much point to “launchers” for games but with EVE I can’t even figure out what the thing is really good for. How many of us actually start multiple clients on a machine at the same time? All this does is ensure that all of them take too long to start up. GUI-wise the new launcher is a mess - there’s no nice way to put this. It doesn’t even tell me what system my characters are parked in like the EVE login screen does. And the old login screen is STILL THERE: the new launcher is just a frontend. Frankly the only purpose it seems to serve is to launch Vanguard, and you could easily have a separate desktop icon for that. The launcher creates endless icons in your system tray, too…you have to mouseover to make them go away. Even worse, in a recent update it seems to have wrecked the cache for many of us and it can’t be repaired - a full uninstall and manual folder deletions seem to be the only fix. Please, CCP, either make the launcher useful and stable or give us the ability to just launch the game directly again and avoid this unneeded annoyance. Even better, if I could just have shortcuts to which I could add a switch that indicates the account I want to start up under, I would be so incredibly relieved. Please consider it.

So just log into the character select as you could before, this is an option in the launcher settings. You can customize the launcher to do what the old one did in most cases. Having CCP maintain multiple launchers would force them to spend at least twice the time than what they do now.

So far the new launcher is mostly open beta quality.

Fex. launcher wont work in my computer. According to those famous logs, they actually show something. Downloads release file but crashes because the file does not exist on drive.

Only workaround so far is to run the installer. It does something and then starts the launcher.

Found something in logs saying “ThrowUnauthorizedAccessException” implying insufficient permissions to do things. Apparently the launcher should be run in administrator mode?!

Please no. Can you imagine if they accidently deleted something important like the boot.ini file

Oh, wait…

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