Faster launcher?

Hi! Is it possible for CCP to increase the efficiency of the launcher? I feel it is rather slow and somewhat “sluggish” for lack of better words. Maybe it’s because I’m on a conventional harddrive? But then again launchers such as the one to World of Tanks on the same harddrive is way faster. Cheers.

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If you stick around, or check out Reddit, there’s a lot of complaints about the launcher. Personally I don’t have any problems but I have a high spec PC. I would point out that not migrating accounts over when upgrading the launcher was a pretty silly thing to do. Surely they could have taken another couple of days to code up some kind of automatic migration for account details.

I think the phrase is CCPlease !

Could you be more specific? Is the launcher itself slow to start up? Or does it take long to update when there is a patch? Or does it take a long time to start the game itself after you press Play?

Hi Snorlax. It does seem to take a few seconds longer to start up than most game launchers I have on my computer, but it’s bearable. The update process seem to go pretty fast. When I press play, I feel it is somewhat slow in regards to comparison of other games, but this isn’t as bad as the lag that seem to be cache related when the game has started. I get around 10-15 fps for the first minute or two after the game starts and then it suddenly goes back to its normal 150 fps. I have “download all” activated. My specs are: 2 TB 7200 RPM conventional mechanical harddrive, nvidia GTX 1070 GPU and AMD FX-8350 CPU. I could invest in an SSD and I’m sure everything would go much faster, but I feel that the launch process of Eve Online could be optimized for regular harddrives compared to how much faster a lot of other game launchers start. Cheers.

Thanks for the info, I’ll put this on my radar.

For me it has now said “launch process starting” for 30 seconds and the client still hasnt started.
Strangly enough its only one of the accounts that is that slow, and for some bloody reason its the same account that also constantly gets “socket errors”

After today’s micro patch the launch process felt very fast, don’t know if this was placebo as I haven’t done any accurate time measurement, but the client started fast, the game started fast and there was no lag in the game the first minute. All from a cold start.

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