Launcher and bandwidth

When I start up my eve launcher, my bandwidth seems to get cluttered with data transferring to or from the launcher.

So Im curious, what is it downloading? why, everytime, I open eve launcher, my internet consumption goes up… it takes time for hte clients to boot up, my authorization process seems to refresh EVERYTIME I want to start a client, it takes literally 3-5 minutes to load a single client after waiting for the eve launcher.

I have all the updates… I havent sniffed any packets yet to see what the data is…

its annoying. I just want to play some Eve…

to add, its normally not like this

Maybe it’s behind the scenes preperation for the upcoming expansion “Into the Abyss”. Could imagine there is a lot of tweaking, last minute fixing and feeding the hamsters extra powerfull nuts in preperation of it.

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Yea but this happens everytime, and I noticed it a while ago, maybe a month or more ago. Seems like its DLing as its an update, but my tranq is all updated.

I should ask,

there is a ticker in the options, to download everything. what does this mean exactly…

will it DL files for Tranq only, files for both Tranq and Sisi…?
It could be sisi updating files in the background. which at this point, I do not wish to do.

So what I do is open launcher, start one client, it seems the authorization is done around 30 seconds and then I close the launcher, let the client load to char select, then I open that char, and start the launcher again, and get the next client going.

If I do not, Ill be waiting all ■■■■■■■ day for the single client to open.

Why not? On patch-day you may only be downloading 5-10MB instead of 1600MB.

Earlier today, they did have an update pushed out for the launcher that dealt with some client startup issues.

The launcher now works 100% like it normally does. :slight_smile:

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