Eve online hogs up all my bandwidth

Hi, I’m having a peculiar problem with Eve.

My account is only 8 days old and I have a rig setup with dual monitors- I play on one and I watch youtube or movies on the other…at least I tried to- as soon as I launch eve my download and upload speed goes in the toilet. I have 50mbps down and 10 mbps up and I can barely play a 240p video on youtube when Eve is running. Same thing with my downloads- they top out at 50kBps.

I disabled the “download everything” option but it doesn’t seem to help. I tried monitoring the ethernet activity in my task manager but it doesn’t show massive amounts of data being transferred, instead it shows quite the opposite- very slow total speed of downloads and uploads. As soon as I close the game, everything goes back to normal

Anyone knows what’s going on? Thank you

Huh… Looks like you’re still downloading the client on demand instead of download everything in one session. You should try to check “download everything” and see if finishing the client download solves the issue.

EVE is known for using a ludicrous small bandwidth (2 or 3 kB) to work once the client is installed and running.

Very much this. It’s obviously a higher usage now than it was “back in the day” but remember Eve is 15 years old. Back in the day a fast residential connection was around 1-2mbits.

They’ve of course added streamed content in since then, and what Yiole said would be exactly what I would expect as well.

If you want to correlate them, take a peek at your disk utilization. You’ll see a loosely correlated amount of write activity along with with your network usage.

Downside to graphical updates is the textures get larger. You could always just leave your client running overnight and it should definitely be done by then.

have you closed your launcher?

i noted after moving to a 3rd world country im in now that if i leave the launcher open, it just starts downloading random crap and destroying my data. if i leave the launcher open too long the icon in the start bar for it starts turning green as it downloads and had it eat over 500MB in 1 pass.

I tried turning on “download everything” option and it didn’t work. I re-installed the game, downloaded everything again and it doesn’t work. I don’t think leaving the client overnight will do anything because the problem is isolated to my pc- other devices measure the full bandwidth available,meaning the game is throttling my pc connection and not using it for anything useful. The disk activity us almost non existant -peaks at 300kbps read and write, well under 50mbps of available network bandwidth when game is idle and only goes up on loading screens. Closing the launcher makes no difference.

If no one encountered this problem, I’ll contact the support team, see what they can make of it. I’ll post here if they manage to solve the problem

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