EVE Client is reducing my internet bandwidth to zero

hi everyone,
I know I don’t have the best internet in the world it’s just a 200 mbps symmetric connection. However, today I’ve started to notice that my internet connection was not working as usual so I performed a check and it dropped down to 18/ 01 mbps (down/ up). I thought it was my internet so I restarted the router, re-tested it and it was back at 220/ 230. I opened the client undock and it was failing once more so I tested it and I was getting crap speed values again, so I re-run the test and closed the client halfway and oh surprise! it suddenly went up from 9 to 220 as soon as I closed the client!
I have it configured as “Download the full EVE game client”.
I ran Battlefield V, League of Legends and CS Go and not a single issue with my bandwidth with any of those games… any suggestions? I mean other than uninstall EVE and play any other games…

It’s possible the router is closing half open connection or not allowing half open connections. I would recommend you try updating the routers firmware and see if that resolves the issue.

I found some guides here on this page. Please note this is a third party website that is not associated with CCP. You use the information pertained there at your own risk.

Internet Disconnects When Playing Games: 6 Fixes - Internet Access Guide.

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