Questoin about connectivity

Hello, for around a year or so, I’ve taken a break from EVE due to some reasons, being one of them is my slow internet connection. Where I’m from, internet connectivity is kind of on a low scale, somewhat reliable, but it’s slow and kind of expensive.

But recently, I want to go back to play eve again (installing the game now).

My question is, what is the minimum internet speed to play EVE, like with fleets, since I’m interested in joining the war down south. Is my (brought estimate based on various speed test results) 0.79-0.95 Mbps download and 0.40-0.60 Mbps upload enough?

Thank you and fly safe,

Your internet connection is only in the Kilobytes? My connection ranges between 150 and 200mbps and the game sometimes skips and freezes. I cannot imagine trying to play an online MMO with only kbps for connection.
But since you’re downloading it you’ll tell us how or if it works, right?
I think you’ll be able to log in and play ( I wouldn’t hold my breath ) but it might be choppy and lagging.
Please post to tell us how it goes.

Well, if I recall it right back when I was still playing it is not that bad. I even dive down the abyss without losing ships due to disconnect.

But with more than a year of absence, I don’t know how will it hold up. I hear there were a lot of updates, as well as bookmarks changes and stuff.
And it would be nice to hear some official information or trusted source about the requirements or minimums

Download might take a while but will give an update on what the experience is (for those interested).

Edit: Gonna say early on that I’m playing on Mac

Wouldn’t it? I’d love to know minimum connectivity for EVE as well. Maybe an ISD or CSM will shine a light on that… maybe.

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well, man gotta have some fun… take a break from 2021. :slight_smile: and the stuff down there seems interesting

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Installation complete? Can you log in and play with your few kilobytes of DB?

Still need 7 hours for the bare minimum… plus few hours to download some resource files… give me bout a day

Edit: well, not literally a day

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I feel you on that, bro. When I was in Rwanda I didn’t have much more kbps than you have and I had to deal with 1hour power cutoffs 4 or 5 times within the 24h period. I really hope Starlink will make a difference in such remote areas. It’s expensive but not much more than Internet in certain European countries.

Yes, I am very much looking forward to that myself. I’m from the Philippines, and local ISP is very expensive, not to mention some plans have like bandwidth limit per month.

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Eve was made in the days of dial-up modems. It doesn’t actually require very much speed. What it does require is stability. Eve doesn’t like packet loss, which can lead to sudden DC’s. Fast connection comes handy when you are updating or installing the client though.

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There are banwith limits per month in many countries dictated by ISPs also so don’t feel too bad about that.
I hope you’re doing fine in the Philippines. I’m in Morocco for another 6 months but Internet is okay here.

Not sure, but I think I’ve read somewhere before that ping is also a factor? Right?

How can I know how much my ping is, and whats the best ping range to aim for?

Ping is how long it takes for a message to reach the target and get back to your computer. The further away you are from the target physically, the longer it takes for the message to do the trip. Living further away from the main server will make some things take some fractions of a second longer, but it won’t really affect your gameplay. It might increase the likelyhood of DC’s if the connection is unstable already though.

Yeah, was doing some digging on eve servers earlier, but can’t seem to find the information I was looking for…

Was interested to know if there are near like server/data centers near me (in asia), or its all located in Iceland.

I was stuck on something very similar upto about 18 months / 2 years ago (Hell I was on dial up until 2008ish). Eve was perfectly playable at that, even 2 clients. BUT I would not even try to PvP and no way would I go near Jita, far too much lag. I don’t think you will find large null sec fights playable at all. Sorry.

The main Eve-server is in London that everyone who is playing (except for China) connects to.

Logged in earlier. And while some resource stuff was still downloading. I was able to do some flying in a system. And it was great. Can’t wait to test my network on abyss and fleet fights.


That’s great! I’m glad you’re able to at least load the game and play it. As another poster said though, you may not be able to participate in big fleet fights, the game will freeze on you something fierce, but I guess other than that and going to Jita it might be okay with your kbps speed.

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YaY \o/ Did you try a fight with NPCs? Did you try other things? Did you get lag?