[Suggestion] Option to limit download speed

Please add an option in the launcher to limit the download speed, I can’t use my internet connection for anything while the launcher is downloading the game, many game launchers have this issue and it is very annoying.

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I would try updating your routers firmware. The router should be able to priorities and allocate bandwidth as needed to have the network run smoothly.

The router should slow the download task from the launcher down if it gets more requests for network access. If it does not do that then the issue is your router in my opinion.


As someone with a information technology and technical services background I cringed at this unhelpful response.

  • The user asked for an option to limit download speed. This thread could have been moved to the feature request section right then and there.

  • The symptom described by the user was an impact to other program connectivity.

This symptom is very common with the prevalence streaming media services, where one program consumes %100 of Internet->Router bandwidth. The traffic from other programs may be able to reach their server but the response now has to be queued.

If the programs in question use TCP for their connection, they are engaged in a process where the server sends a chunk of information, waits for the client to acknowledge the chunk has arrived, before sending subsequent chunks. To observers, this looks like a constant flow.

On a saturated link, one program ( the launcher ) already using %100 of the bandwidth will have many more chunks acknowledged than a program that starts up after the link is saturated. Saturation results in the chunks having a longer wait time for the cycle of sending, acknowledgment, and further sending of chunks, like cars stuck in peak hour traffic.

There are two levels in a network connection best able to address this. The network level ( which is the router ) or at the application level ( in this case, the launcher ) with a configuration setting.

In neither case will updating the router firmware alter the behaviour of the TCP transfer between client and server unless there is a bug in the router firmware, which would mean programs other than eve launcher will cause connectivity issues.

Staying with the network level, or router based solution the user would have benefitted from some guidance on:-

  • relevant protocols (TCP/UDP)

  • relevant ports(26000 is the eve client, but does the launcher download on this port also? Is it plain HTTP port 80 or HTTPS port 443?)

  • relevant ip addresses ( if a CDN is used, ip ranges, though if a CDN is used implementing at a network level with addresses will be technically more difficult and less effective if the CDN ip range frequently changes with network load )

  • advice on configuration to stay within the EULA ( so if my router does deep packet inspection to identify traffic and sets the download rate for those annoying station videos to 1b/sec that’s cool? great! )

Now to the second option, application level, or eve launcher configuration.

Steam is an excellent example of a program with application level configuration for download rates. Steam gives you the option of selecting a download rate, the ability to stop downloads while a steam game session is running, or for the rate to be in effect only at certain times.

This functionality if added to the launcher would PERFECTLY address the user requirements and alleviate the reported issue.


This is feature request.

Any program that uses TCP to download data is by design going to saturate a network connection and impact other programs if otherwise unregulated.


I dislike that you instantly assumed my router is managing packets in a wrong way but it seems like it didn’t cross your mind that the launcher needs a option to limit download speed, which clearly does, by answering like that you make CCP seem uninterested in making the user experience better and you don’t solve the problem, a helpful answer or no answer at all would have been better than this.

I am downloading the game and the experience would be much better if somebody torrents the game than downloading from the official source using the launcher, that is not right.

The below is related to this topic for any that do attempt port based rate limiting and cannot find the information elsewhere.

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