Eve Launcher Update

The launcher seems to eat all the bandwidth during the last update and everyone using the same wii-fi spot yelled at me to stop whatever I was doing. This happened two more times. Is there any way I can manually set it to say… 3 MiB/S or something?

There is only one valid solution i can provide at the moment:

Yell back to everybody because we are speaking here of serious online spaceship business and they shall immediatley stop what they are trying to do and not limit your bandwidth. :rage:

Honest reply, this is not an EVE problem, to solve this you would need to install a netlimiter on your device.

Fly safe!


But with other applications I can throttle the speed so why not the EVE launcher?

I guess, something like this https://www.reddit.com/r/Windows10/comments/47yjhk/quick_guide_on_controlling_bandwidth_use/ or that How to Limit Bandwidth to Certain Applications in Windows 10

You are referring maybe to steam or battlenet. Yes, other apps have this nice feature. CCP launcher doesn’t have it.

CCP is a rather small company with limited resources. I prefer they spend their time on EVE gameplay itself and not features which i can handle via other apps myself. I do not need a MP3 player or browser in game as example.

At the end it is a matter of taste and personal opinion so I really do not want to stress this topic any further and your point is valid overall that this would be handy feature for some people. It is simply me having a different opinion on that and that there are ways to find a solution outside of the eve launcher.


PS: People yelling at you is not an EVE problem, IT IS AN EVE FEATURE! :stuck_out_tongue:

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