Opening eve slows all other internet use to a crawl

Browsing the web, watching twitch, a few days ago it was fine and lately it has been fine UNTIL I open EVE. At which point its like I’m using a 128kb connection. Is anyone else experiencing this issue? Is there a backup port I can use to run eve through so it doesn’t choke my internet?

Everything nice as always here…

Maybe eve is download some resources?

Well I\ll have to check but I have my launcher set to ‘download everything’ and I did a file integrity verify cycle, all mickey mouse here. I’ll get back you on that.

He’s right i reckon, looks like the client is downloading resources.

So this is a stream running in the background before opening, stuttering and shitting out the very second I load the eve client. The instant I close the eve client everything returns to normal.

I have the feeling this has something to do with my win10 updating 2 days ago. It has made it impossible to browse the net while playing EVE. If I turn off EVE my internet connection recovers and I can do whatever I want at full speed.

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