Using EVE 3rd party app system drops my internet speed to 0 MB/s

Odd but I now remember that the last time I needed to make 3rd party authorization tickets that involved the “callback” URL my internet card would freak out, reset, and still “work” but extremely slowly.

I’ve reset my modem, wifi runs fine at the correct MBS. However, my desktop now gets less than 1 MB/s download speed. Websites like youtube and thing load fine, but games, including EVE, run EXTREMELY slowly.

I tried flushing my DNS and resetting it but it’s still broken. I feel like I had to do 20 command line prompts last time to fix it.

I know it’s not a one off because this happened months ago when I tried to let another 3rd party tool use the ESI. So, I uninstalled the applications and deleted the 3rd party app in the support page place but, it’s still breaking my internet. Thanks.

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