Custom EVE Ui and Settings

Not sure if this is quite the right place to put this, but… the way the game settings are handled is absolutely horrible. Say you have three different accounts, each with one or two characters. You have a nice ultrawide monitor you use on your main and maybe a smaller you use with one of your other accounts. Ultrawides have very small font, and as such you’d want to increase the size of the UI Scaling to maybe 110% or 125%. Problem with this is as soon as you close that window and it saves the settings file, if you log on your alternate on your smaller monitor, your UI is now massive because that account is using the main settings, which apply to all characters and all accounts on your PC. That’s total crap. Settings should be like the UI or Overview. Account specific. Shouldn’t be all that hard a thing to implement, right? Likewise, the ability to create a save file for your UI settings that you can swap with other saves. My main running on my ultrawide has a specific order to things, as far as the main reticle, overview, and targed ships go. Sometimes I might run two windows side by side, in which case I have to really condense my UI and switch some of the windows around. It’d be nice if you could save those settings and then select which UI you want to use. I know you can do this manually, by saving your main ui settings file stored in the roaming directory, but there should be an easier in-game method.

See the gear icon on the launcher, click that, make new settings profile.
Call one Ultra wide, call one Smaller. Select appropriate one when you launch.

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