How to save eve client position

The launcher does not launch my clients like it used to be now using random screen positions and sizes. I could not make out any way to save the window size and position so that game clients start as i want them. Actually centered on screen 1 using the size I had used last time i was logged in.

As far as I understand the change was supposed to make it better than before, not to break everything. So I probably don’t do it correctly.

What do i have to do to start the client the way i want?

In order to start each account with a different setting, each account has to have it’s own profile. You can use the profile management tool to create different profiles.

thanks for the reply, however, I don’t want to have different bad profiles, I just want a single good one. One, that doesnt’t change permanently.

doesn’t work. Ever since the patch that made windows persistent a couple of weeks ago, launcher went fubar and it modifies values inside core_public__ file each time it starts.

From what I can tell, it changes the “left” and “top” values so your windows won’t have the same position as when you closed game & launcher last time:


  • {adapter: 0, height: 938, left: 50, presentInterval: 17, showState: 0, top: 45,
    width: 1913}

Least annoying work-around I could find to do each time I want to play is:

  1. Start launcher
  2. copy core_public__ file with preferred values from another location inside the settings folder (mine would be left: -3, top: 0)
  3. start clients

I wonder if this is related to an issue I’m having lately, I run 3 clients on a laptop with three additional monitors besides the laptops native screen. I run the clients on the three monitors and use the laptops display for mission briefs, Netflix, work etc. I created a launcher group, my desire was to have my clients launch in a specific order and on specific screens. Nope. No mater what I do they launch randomly, in different orders, on different screens. Sometimes they each launch on their own screen, sometimes they all pile up on one random screen. I even tried editing the order the clients are listed in the C:\Users\clayh\AppData\Local\CCP\Launcher\auxiliary_user_information.json file with no luck.

The new launcher messes with settings. it is extremely annoying. As I couldn’t find a fix, I used the sledgehammer method - I removed NTFS permissions to change the file core_public__.yaml

The File is located in C:\Users%username%\AppData\Local\CCP\EVE<whatever path you installed_sharedcache_tq_tranquility><your settings folder>\

I don’t know when some updates break this approach but so far I am happy with my clients starting the way I want it

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