Window Mode Not Resizing

This is an Eve specific issue as I’ve tested with other programs and it works, but Eve wont let me resize windows smaller than a certain size, around 65% of the screen. So I can never do side by side (split screen) clients as there will always be an overlap. (Image as example:
I’ve tried manually resizing, resizing in game, resetting ALL caches/settings, using Windows 10 Aero and Side by Side options and the is alway this overlap (again works with every other program on my computer). I’ve submitted a help desk ticket but was wondering if anyone here has had this issue and if there is any known work around for it? I did a quick search both here and on Google with not specific hits.

Dread Op

*Edit - I have now tried a complete wipe of all Eve and reinstall with no success.


There is a minimum - I believe it is 1024x768 - the client needs to function properly. There are 3rd party tools that will let you get around this - check out:

If you have a desktop system, you can always get a second monitor. - or a 4K monitor that can simultaneously display 4 2K clients but your eyes will need to be a lot better than mine!

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