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Is it possible to pilot 2 ships all at once? Example a mining barge and an Industrial Ship together?

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You’d need 2 accounts and both need to be omega to be able to use those characters at the same time.


When they are together in a fleet can one warp all the ships at once. That’s as good as it gets.

Since you’ve mentioned a mining barge and an industrial ship… try looking at the Orca. It has a ship maintenance bay, which can hold two barges and you can move them around with the Orca.

The Bowhead is then a ship dedicated to moving even larger ships.

Piloting more than 1 ship at the same time is called multi-boxing and is perfectly legal as long as you are not using automation to control them. You can run each client in a separate monitor or use software like

As already mentioned, all accounts must be Omega.


No! You can warp them at once only. You have to focus a client window to pilot a ship, obviously, by making inactive another client. If taking into consideration that piloting is navigation in space, using the offensive and defensive modules and drone manipulation at least.

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