Command ships in hanger

I remember that once I could command my own ships docked in the hanger to go from place to place and even command them to mine while I doing different things with another ship.
How can I do this now? I can’t figure is it possible now?

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No remote control for ships, and I doubt it was ever possible.
Some purchase multiple omega accounts and thus are able to multibox different characters, that is the only way you can fly different ships simultaneously (if you want to avoid ban and hassle).

Boldly Gone,
I can assure you it was possible back in the days.
When you saw your charcter standing at the command bridge. It was a nice gimic.

Are you talking about doing it all on a single account? Or many accounts.

Cause if its single, youre thinking of a different game.

You must be thinking of the Captain’s Quarters and no you have never been able to do any sort of remote control of ships. All that feature did was looking pretty and giving fancy way of accessing your Inventory, Ship Fittings, but nothing like what you are describing.

The only game I know where such features are possible is, X (universe) series, such as X3: Terran Conflict and the latest X Rebirth.

Maybe he just admitted to botting?

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No guys,

I’m pretty sure that on early versions, one could command a non cupsuleer ship.
Though I did played X3 - an awsome game.

Well if there are bots wich enable this feature - wich is a cool one, so this thing is enabled by EVE core code.
So why not make it official?

Where can I download bot like this?

thanks ccp, for bringing in more and more of these people.

No, you.

Im absolutely certain, that there has never been a ship that you remotely pilot out of the station and make you do things for you or travel for you without pilotting the ship yourself.

Because its illegal, against the rules and against the eula. The rules and eula that you agreed to follow before you started playing this game.

You do understand the devastating effect that bots have on an economy of a game, dont you?

Again, against the rules to use bots. You might as well be asking where to download chold pornography. We are not going to tell you, because its illegal to use them, and therefore why should we be telling you about where to get something that you shouldnt be using in the first place?


Nope, never.

No it wasn’t.


Git gud scrub.

Jumping in to also confirm; remotely piloting ships has never been a (legal) feature since the dawn of EVE.

-1/10 Troll

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