Controlling Multiple Ships

Will EVE lets the player to control multiple ships? I really want to bulid my own fleet.

Sure. Alts

Do you mean one click and it controls multiple accounts at the same time? If the answer to that is yes, then NOOOOOO!

One ship may be in space being piloted at a time per account.

You can have any number of ships docked.

You can leave a ship unpiloted in space, where it’s free to be stolen by anybody who can fly it.

Alts on the same account can pilot their own ships in space but they’ll warp away when you log out to switch characters.

Alts on a different account can be in space with your main account. You can fleet warp them with one click but you need to alt tab to them and command them to align and jump.

No alpha account may be logged in alongside any other accounts (so all must be omega.)

Multiboxing with automated inputs is forbidden by TOS.


Multiboxing is the only way you will have any success in this game. Its hard to believe someone didnt know that or realize they hold all power also. Lots of players are using input broadcasting software which is bannable but CCP doesnt do anything about it or scripts as simply as mouse macros. Cheat to compete is the only way anything real gets done in EvE. Literally, the largest powers in game are a small group of multiboxers and scipters and input broadcasters.

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Got proof of that? A lot of players are more effective at multiboxing and dont need to use input broadcasting

I can run 15 accounts myself without cheating. Im just saying ive been in fleets with people who are confirmed cheating… which i left after it was obvious. Sure, there are more people like me but lets not pretend that cheaters are there. People even use virtual machines running venture bots in lowsec. They use fleets of talos running input broadcasting to kill pocos. They use scrips to steal cores. They use input broadcasting to gank freighters, bash cits…etc. Honestly, the fact that multiboxing is the only way to play is enough that CCP should stop that also but they dont. Input broadcasting is the natural conclusion to multiboxing being the only way to excel. The game is designed to be multiboxed and played afk in lots of cases. My proof is common sense, being in fleet with them, speaking on comms with them.
Anyway, back to controlling multiple ships. When you see a fleet of 100 ships in highsec. How many actual people do you think that is and how many of them are legit?

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There are people who can box 40 ships in incursions w/o cheating.

Sky is the limit.

Get good PC- Get $$$$$$$ for omega time. Fly as many characters as you like. Go crazy.

Just do it legally as others have said.

If and when we are at the helm and while we activate the left or right rudder we notice that our vessel takes rather awkward moments.

If when we decide to change course and stick together like a fleet we seem to be bumping onto ourselves.

That first person hub view can only be enjoyed while controlling one vessel at a time.

Broadcast-input across multiple accounts while multi-boxing (not illegal) has been a thing since I started in 2009.

It’s (broadcast-input) supposedly against the rules/EULA… lookin at you, FUSION et al.

TBH I don’t know why it isn’t integrated into the game yet.

It facilitates the desire and need for multiple accounts. Hell, add a $5 upcharge for accounts you want to use it on.

It needs to be an option inside the game. It’s time.


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The one downside to boxing is efficiency loss as accounts get added. I want this to always be a natural limiter.

Good ole alt tab :hearts:

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I do miss the days when I was flying one ship and flew with guys who had to use a cloaky scout to relay information back the FC. For real, flying one ship is way more fun to do. Its simply not the reality of what CCP has turned eve into. Flying one ship is stupid now and makes you almost a liability. All accounts are free and the more you multibox, the more doors open for you. Its like pay to win and no need to even pay, hell its profitable. I think CCP is doing it to prop up fake player counts to maintain the illusion of how many they claimed when PA bought the game (insert tin-foil hat here). I literally have 97 toons across 34 accounts. Thats ridiculous.

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You can’t Multibox Alpha (free) accounts.
If you are meaning Plexed accounts - PLEX ain’t free…

But players have always been able to multi-box - even when Multi Box was rather literal.
If anything, they have added restrictions on multiboxing since the beginning.

–Gadget Clone 10293412


I mean Omega accounts are all free. What you are paying for is SP above 5 million and you can stop keeping it anytime you like. Most of my real toons sit around 10-20m. Thats enough SP to have as many pvp pilots as your computer can handle or industry toons and not a single one of them has to cost you any irl money after the initial investment to reach 5m SP. I have no fkn idea why people argue with me on this. I literally have 97 toons as I previously mentioned and all of them cost no additional money per month even if they are all Omega.

They have been, true but… ccp created skill extractors to prop up fake player counts when they decided to sell the company as this would increase the sale value. This is what changed for multiboxing and it actually used to be worth 700m profit per account when it first started. Now you have to buy the 3 month Omega pack in the store and then sell the SP back to break even. They have added many many features designed to make multiboxing the new standard. The launcher for example and we could all name more.
What restrictions have they added? I do see that the profit is gone for short-term LSI farming and they do want a 3 month commitment for an active account now. Thats a step in the right direction at least.
Btw, The profit may be gone from the majority of SP farming but it doesnt mean you cant easily make 3b a day on industry. Not to be a douche, but I have no issues making 3 to 10b a day with all my accounts. It deff takes a proper investment and business mindset but thats my reality. I do as passive as I can but some guys fly entire fleets in incursions. Can you imagine the isk they make being active?

You should be ashamed to make false allegations without evidence.


KUSION has had plenty of video evidence showing he isnt input broadcasting

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yeah that one time… jk jk

I don’t think so. I don’t think that it will allow macros (except the current Fleet warp) or side apps to manage multiboxing in this game as it is allowed in other MMOs like WoW. Even with the current poor multiboxing features available, the multiboxing behavior is already too powerful in any big fleets. You can click “Lock target” on all your clients, go prepare some coffee, then come back to press F1 and you win. Do you want to make it available on mid and small scale fleets?

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