How does one manage an 8-alt gank fleet

I’m not here to complain, I am here to ask how one can pull off an 8 alt gank fleet of destroyers and be successful. it seems difficult imo but i’m here to learn. I saw the alts in question pop into my .5 system and immediately jumped out. their killboard has decent success against (i’m assuming) well fitted battleships in Hsec. This seems difficult to me. But also, I’m curious how one deals with this situation if caught during a mission ( I was in a mission when I saw them jump into local). Remember, not complaining; curious.


Linked post includes a link to a twitch video that shows the gank in action from the ganker’s point of view.


look at this.


I ended up just making a new thread. I end up talking about all sorts of stuff related to multiboxing.

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If you think this is difficult , I have know players that did multiboxing in AT when it was still around.

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