I give you multiboxer fleet user for gank


2 months this guy harass me with :
-1 obelisk
-1 orca
-8 hulk

probably isboxer.

If ou want to gank this guys i can give you position and hour.
He always at same system, same hours, same things like a bot.

is not a joke or trap. 4 years i play on same system. this guy arrived 2 months ago with 9 accounts.
he always follow me in belt and deplete complete belt in 30min.
I tried to talk to him often but he refused. When he is not afk he write for insult or harass.

So borred.

PM me for location and hour.


Hulks, you say?
To shreds, you say?



Move to another system maybe.

Get on earlier than him and clear the bets yourself.

clear belt with one legit account vs 10 accounts… ? is a joke ?

we are not talking about a player using one or two accounts
we are talking about a player who in two months has gone to 10 accounts
In 2 weeks he will have 1 more account.
Next month it will be 12 accounts…

If Eve has become a game where you must have 10 account to play decently I prefer to stop my subscription.

Continu to protect boters/isboxers if you want but not me.

a player who does not pay a subscription has priority over a player who pays?

I saw a lot of streamers on twitch getting banned for using isboxer.
CCP must ban all boters and isboxers.

with 10 accounts it’s easy to resell isk for cash but if you want protect this is your choice.

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It has always been like this. It just gets more pronounced these days. What you could do is wardec him or send a wardec group after him and see how that works out. IF he really follows you around actively, talking to this person is pointless and he will likely only understand the language of ship losses.

However, I would refrain from asking gankers to come to your location. They will cause you more problems than this multiboxer does.

wardec do nothing. swap to nopc corp.

today i saw something very strange. her fleet he does not have a human behavior.

each time i warp in her belt with catalyst he instant warp to raitaru.
20min later he return mining and if i warp again on fleet he instant warp again.
And he go out 20 min after.
each time he go out raitaru after 20min.

like a… bot with bad settings…

New test:

I camp her belt with catalyst.
all 20min he come and warp out directly.
i stand…
20min later he come again and warp out again…

it’s human behavior?

I reported her 10 accounts for botting.

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While it is possible that a player can do the same, coming back every 20 minutes to the point is really weird behavior. Maybe you have to do the camping for a couple of days to drive him out of the system. If you or someone in your alliance have access to a battleship, you could also consider bumping the Obelisk or Orca out of range of each other and prevent them from warping.
It’s tedious but if you harass him long enough, he should move away.

ok and that ? i bumped one of her hulk now 30min he is in belt and attacked by rats.
Second, her orca give boost for 30min near… nothing… lost in space and give boost…

I think her bot have bad settings.

And i am pretty sur this guy play morning, and after DT is use bot.

i bumped one and all her fleet are break. human ?

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If they warp out when your turn up, or immediately warp out if you are there when they show up, then how come they are clearing the belts if you are there? I wonder if it is because they realise it is combat ship in the belts.

Experiment would be to sit there in the belt in a mining ship and see if they warp out immediately, if not, bump them out of range.

he warp out only if catalyst is in belt.

Sry time to go sport. i come back later o/

And i hope CCP ban this guy fast if he use bot.

Report for botting and see if CCP does anything, if he turns up and your in a belt, then you know what to do in the interim, dock and turn up in your catalyst, it gives you a 20 minute period to mine before doing it again.

That’s what he did in the first place if you read the first post carefully. A hint:

he always follow me in belt and deplete complete belt in 30min.

yes morning he warp on me and deplete belt.
But after DT is not the same gameplay. i am pretty sur after DT he use a bot.

sry for my bad english.

With 8 hulks someone may be enticed to attack him for you. He may switch to another system, but more likely to start mining with skiffs for a while.

Your best bet is to move one system away, or spend all your time bumping his orca until you find out who runs out of patience first.

I would rather not PM for the system and it would be easier to just post it here thx

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Hire mercs to nuke his fleet on a daily basis. He will get the point eventually…

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Is running away a form of adaption?

PM me the location. I’m interested.

If you have the option to you should attack him (unless he/she’s in your alliance or something), an idea would be to warp in with any good ship that does large damage, place down large warp bubble II, watch his fleet bot have a heart attack, kill all his ship= done

If he warps out before you place the bubble, keep that bubble there and look where his ships warped too, wait 20 minutes for his fleet to jump back (they will hit the first bubble), now place another bubble in the line of where they warp out, so that they cant insta- jump out after landing. Then go to heaven blapping his fleet:slight_smile:just an idea, not sure if it would work.