Same guy with 20 alts

If the time is too short for you to kill the freighters, don’t blame how things works , either try to catch targets in lower sec systems, bring more friends, or do like kusion. coordinate 20 ships is awesome Skilling, kill unnarmed haulers not. All the skill y must do is a small calculation of DPS, ehp, and Concord response. Ta- da. so now y know how much ships y need, bump the freighter( not very hard for freighter right?) And press f1 with all guys / toons.

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Since when did asking a question become blaming something?

Seems pretty clear he wasn’t complaining, just asking you a question, and if you check his killboard, you’ll see that he personally does exactly what you were pointing at.


Hey, you haven’t gotten meme responses. You might not share their opinions, but it would be unfair to dismiss them out of hand.

Anyway, what he does is within the Eula and rather impressive. I multibox far fewer accounts in PvE, and that keeps me pretty damn busy (by the way, it’s also forced me to learn my hotkeys, improve my hud layout, and find other efficiencies in order to improve my execution -so I am now a better player because of it).


right here

Exactly, he was doing exactly killing haulers , Wich don’t fit in “elite PvP”. not taking the merit from people who does that it’s content and part of the game , just a matter of naming the stuff

You clearly didn’t check it very hard:

I get it. Undocking a T1 hauler while at war and flying in a trade hub so that you lose your ship is the epitomy of elite gameplay. We should all bow down to your leet skills.

But there is no “elite pvp” as a way to dish on other pvp. Whether it’s “F1 Monkey”, ganking hauilers and miners, structure bashing, sitting in a medium FW plex with a bunch of combat recons, etc. it’s all just PVP, and any of it is far more interesting than murdering red crosses AFK.

Don’t let your butthurt from a few days ago bleed into threads. It’s not a good look. Get some bandages on those wounds instead.


No one is blaming how things work. Infact, the opposite. We are praising how much skill it takes to work within those confines and successfully pull off ganks.


Or murdering defenseless rocks, afk.


Environmental terrorists. The lot of them.


CCP probably forgot about this guy and now they found another way players can succeed that they need to nerf and will eventually find some way to handicap ganking in highsec by making it impossible for more than a few ships to engage in suicide attacking the same target or some ■■■■.

Just a matter of time, now. They thought they were almost done crossing off all things on their list and now they got one more to add.

Multiboxing with an overwhelming amount of accounts.


Welcome to EVE Online. Peak count 30k+ players. In reality, 5k players max with alts. There just isn’t that many people playing this game and there never has been. There’s several reasons for this but it is what it is.

If it is a bot report him. But because he isn’t botting you will just waste a GM some time deleting your inane report. In other words: ■■■■ off.


You can tell it’s a leap year, all the nutters are posting even more nonsense than usual.


Wich butthurt? think you are mistaking things here. I’m aware all ships i lost so far was my fault, or lack of awareness. try to find a single thread on forums from me or one of my alts ( I give you the names if y want) whinning about ganks, about lost ships, etc. think y didn’t dig enough, mate. I just gave my opinion that hitting haulers and freighters is not elite PvP ( hell sitting on tradehubs and doing the same is even worse! So low effort) kudos to kusion and his ability to manage such a fleet in a way people think he is a bot, but I have the right to express my opinion that it’s not elite PvP, and all y can do about it is the same you accusing me: whine on forums. ( Btw y look a bit salty about haulers, Wich one scaped your gank and mocked you)?

This bit:

Not long after this:

You undocked a T1 hauler during a war, either in Dodi, or flew to Dodi where Hell Dawn often sit, and then just a few days later you are banging on about killing haulers.

There’s no such thing as coincidence in the forum.


And I paid the price.

So what? How much time I need to wait until I can " bang about killing haulers" without it being whinning? 1week? 2? A month? Where is the deadline? Who define it? You? I doubt so. Still you didn’t answer Wich hauler scaped y gank and mocked you

You can bang on about them anytime, but:

So banging on, only after losing one isn’t a coincidence.

Doesn’t mean don’t bang on. Bang away. Just realise that it’s a clear sign of open wounds in the rear area.


Bs that is just YOUR opinion.

If that’s true then you need to vent ASAP mate. So much hate for haulers. C’mon vent it away . I won’t laugh… Much

Nah, hauling is one of the main activities I do on one of my alts (current skills below). Been flying with a well known freight service for years. Haulers are fine. Some of my best friends in game spend a lot of their play space trucking. Carebears are a waste of a good capsuleer, but that’s a different topic:


Secret Frog?


Then why bring it? Out of arguments on main topic? what ? y need to vent about carebears Instead? I’m all ears