Uncovering Alts

Have you uncovered an alt of someone in game or from the forums who should be ganked or war dec’d?

Post the players name and their alt in this forum and make content.

Content is escalated by ensuring that the alt is blocked as well.

Remiel Pollard

Alt #1 : Bozidar Jasmone Re: FW: I showed up again.
From: Bozidar Jasmone
Sent: 2018.08.14 04:05
To: DrysonBennington,

No way? You mean to say I have a life and don’t conform to your schedule? Get out! That’s crazy! I’m literally shaking right now. I will do something about that as soon as possible, your lordship.

PS: Next time you mail someone and then block them so they can’t reply because you’re a *swear word content coward, make sure you know who all the alts are. And before you think of replying with one of your own, since I’m now going to block you as well, just remember, I have a few left myself.

I showed up again.
From: DrysonBennington
Sent: 2018.08.14 01:57
To: Remiel Pollard,

Just to suit your pretty little fancy dress with frills, I showed up in Kubinen again in a brawler but you weren’t around.

I thought you were against ganking.


You do realize the only people who support you are bears who would never do anything to hurt a fly.

The wolves all want to know who YOUR alts are :skull_and_crossbones:


Ganking CODE members and Goonswarm that suicide gank is acceptable.

You didnt say that in your original post.

Where does it say that here?

DrysonBenningthon thread someone should do something #2345754

I mean it’s not like he will wardec or gank anyone.


I wonder why :thinking:
Inb4 lock


I wonder, do we use throwaway alpha character slots with unique names to confuse him, deleting the character after the in game mail has been sent?

You should just put a bounty on them, heck all of us!



Noragen Neirfallas

Known ALTs
Every character whose name ends in ‘Neirfallas’

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Now I’m going to create one of those. Just because


Thankfully I don’t have any alts so I’m safe.


Do it. Somebody did ‘Dedication Neirfallas’ after my semi famous ‘Lack of Dedication’

What’s an alt ?

Does an alt keep being one when “uncovered” ?

Do alts have the right to anonymous ?

An imaginary creature

No clue

Yes, because they do not forget, they do not forgive (lol)


How would I know it is an Alt?

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Perhaps you can tell, when the pilots’ names are all from the same book?

Noone could be that stupid!

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Ain’t this against the EULA or ToS?

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