Gank alts and deleting

I made and alpha account, didnt use the referral thing and want to train up gank some guy and delete the toon and do it again. Is this bannable?

I have mixed reports saying this is bannable, but I dont see why. Can I have some clarification. Again I am not using refer a friend.

Yes, it’s bannable. Recycling alts to avoid consequences isn’t allowed.


Just make a hundred Alphas. Then use one until you don’t want to and move on to the next.

No deleting. No ban.


Do you happen to know which policy indicates this is not permitted? (Esp. in relation to using your own referral code)

So here’s my question for you, OP: why would you want to delete the character?

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So I dont have to deal with low sec status. Its about a 3 to 4 day train to kill a hs miner. So deleting makes more sense than making a new account. I figured because I’m not using the referral it should be fine.

But you can buy the sec status back, so…?

To be fair, not much point investing ISK in a penny ganker killing relatively low value ships, or zerging other ships. The whole point is to avoid investment.

If you use an Alpha account then it is not bannable. If it is an Omega account then maybe it is bannable.

I would have imagined the reverse would be true, but more than anything I want to know in which of CCP’s many policies such a clause would be found.

If this was true CODE. wouldn’t exist.

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Hardly anyone in CODE. would have any reason to delete an account - we don’t care about security status.


It is considered an exploit.


I wonder if this is no longer true given that it does not appear in the current list of exploits

I’ll probably file a ticket asking for the official position today as well as a specific clause affirming that position.


It’s been pretty much unenforceable since EVE went F2P. That’s likely why they dropped it.

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See even here its just contetested. CCP please make a final call on this. Put this issue to bed.

Which is why i want to delete and create a new and not invest in sec status.

Use the buddy invite to create an alpha clone. Use the free 1 million SP. Rinse and repeat.

No that’s a clear exploit thats why im not doing that. I’m making an alpha, spending 3-4 days training and then killing 3 miners and poding them then deleting anf starting over. The whole point is to avoid an exploit.

can you tell me why you are doing it?