CCP Policy on Throwaway Alpha Awox Accounts

Anyone know what CCP’s Policy is for people who make accounts for the purpose of 1 time awox kills and then throwing the account away?

not referring to omega accounts, as those are paid for and so do what you will

referring more to alpha accounts.

I know they had a rule over no multiboxing an omega and an alpha. though honestly thats easy to get around if you got a 2nd computer or a VM. heck could even use remote connect desktop.

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Afaik, awox is not illegal, nor is throwing the account away.


The last part there is where you’re possibly wrong. This could fall under their past decisions on people biomassing a toon after they’ve destroyed it’s sec status from suicide ganking as being bannable (assuming you’re actually caught). Though at the same time it might not since one was ruled as avoiding game mechanics and therefore bannable, while the other is avoiding bad reputations and corresponding societal repercussions. However, it’s still abuse of the alpha system so I imagine they’d not look kindly upon it.


Throwing away you’re account So you can avoid the conquences of your actions is not allowed, but I don’t know if that only applies to to game mechanics. Best thing is to file a support ticket, we can only give opinions. Only CCP can give an authoritative answer.

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yeah was going to do support ticket, but wanted to check here first. thanks =)

It’s technically not avoiding the consequences of losing your security status. It is making a name that is purely there to just kill and discarding the name upon completion.

CCP stated otherwise years ago and have been enforcing it ever since, so apparently they feel differently. Since by biomassing a character means you then free up that slot to make a new character that wont have to deal with faction police it most definitely is avoiding game mechanics. :man_shrugging:

At the end of the day, this would definitely would fall under their original statement of what constitutes abuse of the alpha system. Not really even skirting a line here so it would depend on what actions they would or could take, if any, if they found out.

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What “faction police” does the AWOXer avoid?

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I thought you were replying to my whole first post arguing the biomassing part. I’m going to guess you didn’t read the whole thing and weren’t.

Of which making a character and then discarding it in terms of an alpha account is directly laid out as abuse of the alpha mechanic. As to do it any other way would either tie up a character slot on an active account or require biomassing. See the problem now?

I read the whole thing. The question is still valid. What security status did the AWOXer avoid by using an alt character on an alpha account? That is what you were discussing.

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No I straight up said that doesn’t apply. However, abuse of the alpha system very much does apply.

Biomassing a character to avoid baked in consequences i.e. negative sec status ,is what’s traditionally been against the rules.

The biggest problem if this is true is using omega and alpha at the same time, hope everyone abusing this gets nailed. It’s different if you log off your omega to put new skills on the alpha and log off again. If I where to guess I think a few people in code would be using this, but that’s only because they are the biggest high sec ganking group so the probability is rather high lol.

Not true, if you know the history of the Market community using a character to scam another character and then biomassing has been considered an exploit. If your going to scam then you have to deal with the reputation hit. I would consider awoxing the same thing.

How to get a zillion ganking alts:

  1. Make a dozen alpha characters
  2. Train them while alpha. You nicely now have access to all the skills you need for a T2 fit catalyst
  3. PLEX/sub your alphas for one month, start using them. Profit(?). Also start training some skills you will be able to extract. (If you want more profit, start training PI on all 3 char slots of that account, but that’s probably too labour intensive)
  4. Sell skill injectors. Profit!
  5. Use isk from skill injectors to plex accounts.
  6. Use extra profit from ganking and selling injectors (and PI if you did it) to PLEX even more of your alpha characters, to get however many little omega gankers you want.

Multi-boxing with alpha characters is for scrubs. However bad you might think CODE is, they’re not stupid and they have optimized the system (even warned CCP that it was going to happen).

It is totally possible to train a character up to the level at which you want to use it (or as close as possible to mining barges for miners), then extract, sell and PLEX to multi-box entirely legally. Then whatever activity you do with them will net you an income, and skill extraction provides more than enough to PLEX, so you can even keep some skills you train too.

People keep skill-farm characters for the profit they can get off them while doing nothing, if you actually do something with the characters, they can be even more useful!

That’s a lot of time invested only to throw them away at the end, better to just keep them and live with -10 xD

I think the only benefit of these throw away alt’s is if their victim does a log offski so they can apply aggression even when they not ready to agress.

Or I guess for initial point in FW but that’s just freaking cowardly lol who the hell does that.

Who said you should throw them away? You can at the very least keep them as a skill farm. No need to undock for that, just get to Jita and suck their brains out every month.

Or, indeed, just live with the -10. All I’m saying is that your idea of multi-boxing with alphas doesn’t apply to anyone who knows how to play this game.

The topic of the post did :] lol’s I would like you say rather keep them.

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But what is considered a throwed away character if its alpha and you can just leave it, without doing any trashing away. In what light CCP could punish someone if he makes alphas to do one time jobs and then stop playing on those characters?

Can CCP be bothered with that stuff when the game is now free to play and they can have multitude of reports of any kind of that type and in a time when we didnt heard from a GM team for a long time?

You could have been banned for bumping in times when Guard was a GM. Times change as game changes and CCP cares less about community, even firing nearly whole community team.

Its just left to players I suppose.


That is a big EULA section 2 violation in itself. CCP do not define what platforms you use. They simply say that to play two accounts at the same time you must pay for both.

But regarding your question, it’s hard to police because after the Awox you could keep the character and account in place. No need to biomass.