Listing the Alts of the ORCA Hypernet Owner Venetian Macau - abusing system

Hi, i think is good idea made a thread about the ALTS created DAILY for promoting hypernet Oca offers, sometimes tow times in less than a minute in same system with two characters, i think can be alpha abuse botting, or exploting creating and deleting multiple toons in same omega,.

My Numbers point to near dozens characters in less than a month.

  • probabli multiple alphas at same time
  • too much disposable characters making a similar violation of the no erase character only for griefing for negative status
  • too much load in serves of you
  • i suggest checking who is the owner of Venetian Macau Character and check how many characters are recylcing and using similar ips or how many email accounts is using for that.

Jita - Millomon Odera Naari, created today
Perimeter - Jouvanatsu Katelo , created today
Eystur - Handotakar Ibbi Marstolt - created today

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This is the kind of thing you submit to CCP via support ticket - posting on the forums doesn’t get the data to the folks who can use it to address any issue.

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the idea is more people putting the chars hthey see. The problem is 20 seconds between that characters, as example. In some cases i see five characters at same time, 20 seconds diff, periemter, amarr, eystur, jita, dodixie i think. Using five characters at same timn in aomega look strange.

People putting what they see here still is pointless because the only people who can use that data are GMs, and they won’t see it in an actionable fashion.

With the advent of Alpha Clones, this rule is pretty much null and void. @Archer_en_Tilavine was given proof of that.

multiple Alphas cannot be on at the same time from the same household.

so he’s most likely multiboxing several omega accounts… which is perfectly legal in EVE terms.

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but Archer Characters are not connected at the same time. Anyway, each of them pout a message in local aprox 90 sec intervals, and the prople is using many omegas at the same time or violating rules. I have stablished traders in many places, but this characters are strange.

So submit your chat logs from the various systems to the GMs via support ticket. Players on the forum cannot do anything about this.

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Yes, give more names and places. e do that in the past with the bots missioning Lvl 3 missions , dozens at the time. Was an effort by multiple people.

The GM’s will not give you that info… If you submit that info to them, via support ticket, they will handle it internally, without telling you what they did or did not do…

But the key is reporting the bots, not discussing the potential for something to be bots. Report the bot when you see it and move on.

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Agree but the main idea is LISTING THE ALTS, the key of reporting bots is getting more bots names.

Listing the alts does nothing.

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My experience as system people, is the names are useful for Audit porocessing. And yes, they are not useful for you. Agree.

submit a report to the GM’s or report bots via the game… /thread this doesn’t need to continue with this conversation

The bot report feature kicks off an entirely automated review of data. If you need to collate multiple reports together, you submit a support ticket. None of that requires inducing other players to list possible alts on the forums - where chat logs and bot report tools are not present. Report the suspected bots in game or via support ticket.


That doesn’t work. This guy keeps recycling his chars every day. Every single day there is a new char spamming this ad everywhere. I have been reporting him for 3 weeks every day as bot and ISK spammer but not a single We Banned A Bot mail so far. By the time this system has kicked in, he has already biomassed 10 chars and probably even recycled and deleted the account.

yeah, more visibility here.

I think the distribution bots lvl missions anned soe years ago for my reports and others, were for the ridiculous number of daily chars.

we can show the size of the problem. Literally many new chars now are hypernet bots.

A- i see this problem and would like help to do something about it.

B- I am talking about your issue here but you are not allowed to. Go away from here.

A- I was just looking to see if anyone agrees and can assist.


C smh… A… you are the toxic disease that is bringing this game down. I hope you take a look at yourself from a point of view other than your own.

D ) welcome alt of hypernet botter.

I still dont get the hypernet.
The seller takes a big risk and loses if they cant sell it all.
The buyer is playing the lottery on items they can get elsewhere cheaper and 100% reliably.
Why would anyone bother with it?