Listing the Alts of the ORCA Hypernet Owner Venetian Macau - abusing system

a ) thousands of messages making stress and servers.
b ) if i fly with three chars to perimeter i get the message five or more times.
c ) we cant option out or block all the hypernet messages.
d ) bots must no be tolerated and we can help getting the data we can and reporting. Probably are with diff emails as alpha accounts.

I agree, spam is out of control but sanctioned by ccp. Looks like madness to me.


Maybe one solution will be only omega can link hypernet offers. Then they must omega and the wallet hurt.

and again, who says they aren’t omegas doing it? It’s perfectly legal to create a char and biomass them, and still be on an omega account.

I doubt so, because is input automation oh yes, using bots posting the same message 90 sec between 10 or more hours at time, in six monitors and system, at least.

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LOOK, if you think they are bots, use the REPORT BOT option in game… CCP will deal with it from there. bringing it here, won’t do any good.

afaik name calling is not allowed in forums…

Name calling means insulting, not calling out characters for their behavior. :facepalm:


It does a lot of good if more people flag them as bots instead of just blocking or ignoring them. But CCP has not been able to do anything about them or did not even start to try and do anything about them as weeks of no bot ban mail demonstrate.


oh, english is not my first language… maybe both of it is not allowed

Don’t read Local!
Don’t type in Local!
You are playing an MMO Helloooo!
Meaningfull human interraction in an MMO in text chat in 2021??? HELLOOO!!!
Why you read Local? I’m sorry but it’s your own fault!

Mails are sent in batches each few weeks or months. That being said. I didn’t receive single one since start of the year.

“ISK spammer” is for reporting RMT. I have no idea if it is also connected to “Sentinel” system but I won’t be surprised that with such high amount of “false” reports. Your reports lost all it’s “value” in a system and might be ignored.

Not to mention that when CCP actually cared to talk to players. They said many times that low level botting is not current focus. Considering on what is happening in local chats in for example trade hubs, for ages. They probably don’t care.

Likely. We haven’t seen a security report in many months either. I’m not expecting them to do that every month but at least a quarterly demonstration of their work should be possible, right?

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I don’t think you should be able to delete characters everyday to circumvent me blocking them.


Except there is no rule that states you can’t biomass your characters like this player is using them for, he has gained no negative standings and he isn’t griefing so he is free to biomass as often as he likes

Have you seen the chat load outside of a single person spamming, because i very much doubt its adding any additional load that matters

Sure they can, the restriction is per device, if you have 5 PC’s you can run 5 alpha clients without the server complaining, but try to login more than 1 alpha on a single machine and you’ll notice the game will complain

Ok so I was wrong to an extent. Multiple alphas by the same person cannot be done in one household. Like if I had a PC and laptop I couldn’t run two alphas

It is not prohibited to play with your family on alpha accounts together. Restrictions are applied to use of multiple Alpha accounts (or Alpha and Omega accounts) simultaneously by the same person

And good luck proving they were the same person and arguing if they simply respond “But one of them is my son”

Anyway i doubt any people can stay 20 hours daily putting messages in 90 seconds interval, at the same time, in five to six systems at the same time. Look as a bot, anyway, running in alpha VM or omegas, but botting

And the family ideas is strange. Five people at the same time, each in the same conditions, to promote a hypernet ORCA or other char ? bot.

Today 09/jul/2021 Bots passing downtime :

  • Eystur - steilodik Kekard , created today
  • Jita - Odushioka Mivas Keikira - created today aprox 1 80 seconds between messages
  • Perimeter - Najonala Hilanen - created today aprox 80 seconds between messages
  • Amarr - Miert Hajat Hemah - Created today

Will be updated later.

More visibility for who?

CCP? They don’t read the forums.

Other players? They already see the spammers all over the place.

So what purpose are you trying to achieve here?

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