What do you name your ship and why?





Sometimes the image that gets posted if confused me so I end up not replying.


Just ask @Uriel_the_Flame or @Iceacid_Frostpacker

I don’t think they can help and I just would like to focus on pi right now in lowsec

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That’s a pretty high bar :wink:

Ship Hangar:

High Bar

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Now this is a perfect example of what happens without adequate pest control.

Amarr Control Tower

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I name them all a set of three numbers. (and Alt-code them slightly for tank types)
Scan Res - Dps - Speed
…because I can compare and memorize the differences for pvp plus track silent changes.

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I use a series of dashes and dots to do that. And no, it’s not Moras Code. Just a kind of shorthand I came up with

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If you are clever you use a coded system that says how each ship is fitted, what ‘version’ of a fitting it has, and so on. For example my ‘X2’ Catalyst is the highest DPS T2 one…the N2 Moa can do 900 DPS…

G1iCV4 means has Gauss guns, inertial stabilisers, Cloak, and T2 drones.


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Actually it is the opposite. You are broadcasting your ships fit, something even a homicdal 12 year old like @Ax_l_Thorne would have no issues working out

Given that nearly all my Catalysts have now been upgraded to the 850 DPS ‘X2’ version…I don’t have any problem with people knowing it is maxed out. And the Moa has interchangeable fits, as you can very easily swap from Heavy Neutron Blaster to Railguns without changing anything else…the label is simply to designate the default, so there’s no guarantee the fitting actually matches the label :slight_smile:

Well then, your ships will need to be popped to check their actual fits, you will also need to be podded to check for illegal implants

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You can easily check doctrine fits like the Eagle, its a pretty standard AO fit…so there’s no hiding that…


Lol…I just noticed there was friendly fire on that kill. Hmm.

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Why fly an eagle when you can have a gnosis?

Yours for 1 billion ISK


Actually a railgun Gnosis is pretty nifty, and cheap…but…doesn’t have anything like the range of an Eagle, or the Assault Damage Control.

I name all mine Steve. For some of you the reason will be obvious. For the rest I recommend reading some EvE history :wink:

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Steve was destroyed sweetie, besides Steve was a Titan.

You though fly a


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Frosty is not very clever as he uses different ships for different types of activities in New Eden as he only holds a basic understanding on what actually happens when he undocks.

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Big Daddy 427, because that is what John Rochard’s venture is called.