Ships have soul

Do ships steal other ships’ souls when they explode them? Maybe each killmark is actually a ship soul bound to the hull? :thinking:


It sure is! I will revive Ladybug on my next Prophecy purchase. Thank you for the idea!

Nice Dscan teases, lol. You’re giving me lots of ideas today.
So very sorry to hear about your friend :cry:

I hope I’ll have the chance to fly a Trig ship. They’re ugly as hell but menacing. I don’t know much about their capabilities though. I think they have another type of armaments and ammo, correct?

I do love Amarr ships! They are beautiful and tanky. I put shields on them too :laughing:
Rifters and Drake’s… I’m not yet at that point. I’m still training for T2 hulls. It takes SO long!

Polka Dots… I like that!
Amarr ships do fly like bricks but they’re tough and the alignment time can be reduced to minimum with the right combination of modules.

CCP should let us design skins in-game. Not all skins free for all but at least a limited number of skins per character, non exchangeable, like 5 skins maybe.

Thank you for your post. I really appreciate it!


That would be neat indeed. Like the name could not be duplicated for another ship?
o7 Fly Safe, chief.


armor tanked, single weapon that has crazy tracking and builds up damage with each cycle, the rest of the high slots can be used for some really cool stuff ranging from fleet boosting to spider tanking. A bit expensive… but I built my own. Consider the trig ships to be the equivalent of Lamborghinis and Bugatis :smiley: in their class.

It does. But once you open up the t2 hull, you’re only left with the racial t1 skills to x-train and jump straight into the other races’ t2 hulls. Of course, the same applies to the weapon types, and that takes a while. Totally worth it though.


Oh my… I want one.

Good to know! Thank you so much for the info!


Natalie, I don’t want to name my ships. It adds to the grief when they go baddaboom. I’d rather see them as tools not to get attached to.
I loved my Prophecy though and you described that ship beautifully. It’s fast, align time can be worked down to almost nothing, as you said, with the right combination of modules. And it just looks kickass!

After the starter ships and destroyers, I jumped into a navy Oman which I still have. I had a cool skin for it so I went and bought it. I don’t regret it. I love that ship!
Then I got antsy for the very capable Oracle. Really a wonderful ship, strong and fast for an Amarr ship. I had it for a good while, until I got caught by a hunter.
The fight lasted a good few minutes, orbiting and trying to outmaneuver each other while our weapons wrecked havoc on our hulls. I gave that hunter his money’s worth but in the end my Oracle just burst in a million pieces. That was a good fight!
I then decided I was ready for the Armageddon. The gem. I put a cloaky on it and had lots of fun! I lost my first one stupidly ( I over estimated my abilities ) then I learned what I had done wrong and got me another one! I still have it.
I now have an Apocalypse and an Abaddon. I haven’t yet used them much at all besides trying them on some rats to get a feel for them. I’m still learning to fit them to good advantage.
The days they each get blown up will be exciting!

But name them? Naaah.


I think I like idea of some ship more than the ship itself. Ship may be destroyed, but you can make another one like that. Bonus points if you fit the modules that survived to new one.


Gees! I’d love to get into a fight like that as opposed to getting ambushed by someone who just wants a quick kill without the risks inherent to a space fight.
I hope I get hunted by a true PvPer as you did.


I have a hanger queen Marshal named “Dillon” that used to run up and down nearby systems taking down bad NPC guys, but now days he spends most of the time spinning in station.

I used to call my Ishkurs “Mighty Flea”. The only ships I ever named, because I love them. Everything else I fly is “Mr Epeen’s (insert ship type here)”.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

The idea of those ships… Yes, I understand but they are majestic on a BIG screen! Sometimes it’s like I can feel their ‘weight’, for lack of a better word. Just these massive huge sons of bi–es cutting through space like so many fast whales in water. Just wow!
And if you can save a few modules for the next iteration, yea, just too cool!


A ship is a ship to me. However I do like to imagine my ship has a crew with fantastic people and I am a captain like Star Trek. I’m not into the pod lore and clones.


Yes. I look at those ships and imagine them being crewed by poor saps who will lose their lives in space… A bit like the red shirts in Star Trek :laughing:
Sh-t happens, Capt’n Kirk!!


I wish that upon you wholeheartedly. Space battles in EVE aren’t supposed to be quick risk-free one-blap affairs in my opinion. It’s totally stupid, anticlimactic and disappointing.


Crew? No such thing in the ship I fly. Passengers, yes,


However: if I’ve started it and it’s an even fight I did something wrong

The best fight I remember was when I was exploring in an Astero and was jumped while hacking. Close, tense, scary - him trying to crack my repair and hull before my drones chewed through him. Finally he broke off and escaped - I was down to below 25% hull but still ahead at that point. Nearly. Nearly.

At that moment I remembered I had a warp disruptor fitted and not turned it on.



Those are the BEST times in EVE besides the huge wars.
We want combat, battles, skirmishes… Not chicke-sh!t ambushes!
I think those weasly ambushes are what is driving a lot of new players away from the game.



Tourists? lol

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I feel that too. When I got blopped by that ganker, I just felt powerless to do anything. I couldn’t do anything but sit there like a dipshit and watch. That’s no fight.