Abandoned my ORCA

So did anyone else leave their fully Blinged out ORCA in LO-SEC today? I was mining the belt when my son needed help with his shoes. Totally forgot I was logged in. Of course I remembered 2 hours after I got to work. Went home on a quick break 5 hours later and it was still there! Surrounded by rats with just minimal dmg to the shield because I had all my mining Drones out. I consider myself very lucky!


Very lucky and nice story.

I’ll have to reassess my assumption when travelling through non-FW lowsec that every Orca I see on dscan will be POS’d up. Clearly not. :blush:


Ya I was scared to death I was going to come home to a dead body floating in space…


Nah, they’d have taken the corpse as well…

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after rifling through the suit pockets for loose change.

pics… or it didn’t happen -.-

cool story bro…

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EVE is real! You were there! : D
Grats on the awesome experience with a positive ending!

just as often the negative outcome happens… years and years ago I was mining when my daughter was sick and not making it to the bathroom… I flew to a “safe spot” thinking it would just be a minute and went to help her … 20 minutes later when I returned I was already someone’s kill mail.

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