Special ships not so special anymore


Reactivated my account after a few years and was taking a look at my ships. When I ‘showed info’ for one of the special edition ships, it was identical to the standard edition, description and all. I then saw the ‘skins’ tab and in there saw the name of a skin that was the same name of the former ship. For example the Vherokior Probe. I have a number of these ships that seem to have ended up this way. Have I just lost all the money and time I spent collecting them?

P.S. I see EVE still has the problem that you cant rename all ships to their original names. I always change the name of my ships to remove the “(Players name) (Ship)” to just the ship name but for ships with long names I cant do this correctly because of the character limit. Is there a way around this? Always seemed like a silly but annoying issue, not that it matters all that much.

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The only “workaround” I know for naming ships with long names is to use a language like Chinese, Japanese, Korean or similar.

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Well, just went to claim the 15th anniversary gifts once I remembered where you had to do that and guess what I found :slight_smile: A hole bunch of ship skins for the one’s I was talking about above. At lease I know what happened now, although I miss having different ship’s and not skins.

For the Names, that would work if I could read or write in those languages but unfortunately I do not have those skills :smiley:

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I think if you repackage the ship and then assemble it again, that will reset it back to it’s default name.

Course that’s not really a viable option for ships fit with Rigs.

Oh and welcome back to Eve.

Just buy some skill injectors and q up the language skills. Lol XD

I used to collect rare ships, myself. When they converted them all into one, and gave me limited-time skins, not even permanent skins! - it totally erased my little in-game Eve hobby of collecting rare ships.

I emailed them about it, and they weren’t as sympathetic to my needs as to the dank moneys pouring in from whatever, skin sales, I guess

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That does suck…

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