Blathering idiot's Capsule

I can name any ship “poop emoji” if I want. I can make that ship active and then inactive and it will remain poop emoji. I can drop the ship into a corprate hanger and it will still be poop emoji. I can player trade poop emoji and it will remain as such… poop emoji. I can contract it, abandon it in space, then reboard it, load it into another ship such as a bowhead or frigate bay (if it is a frigate of course, what, think I’m stupid?) and low and behold, it is still poop emoji. Self destruct and guess what? The wreck is still…


BUT blathering idiot’s Capsule… will not keep its name. Why not? Why do i need to constantly rename it? It isn’t changing… WTF???

Thanks for your attention to this dire matter.
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blathering idiot’s capsule :cry:


I can confirm it is tedious constantly renaming all my pods Oops Only High Grades. Whether or not this should be top priority for CCP is another question…

They managed to make skins stick between podding events, they might also manage to make names stick eventually.

And that is my point… The code is already there. (right?) Cut, copy, paste ftw!

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agreed. name on pods should stay. can’t be that hard to implement.

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