I am currently floating inside a vat of oxygenated vomit just like the rest of you

My questions are about what happens when the ship that I am flying bumps into other Capsuleers?

  1. Is this fluid sludge thick enough to stop my body from being crushed?

  2. Does Newton’s second law apply here in New Eden?


  1. Yes
  2. No

It does not affect donuts


Your average Tech 1 frigate warps at 2880 times the speed of light in seconds without breaking causality or killing you in the process.

I’m sure you’ll be fine with a minor bump.

this is a very interesting and entertaining video! the guy works for NASA?

Yes, i think it’s still the case

It’s not vomit. It’s closer to amniotic fluid. You need to read the lore, mate.

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Why spoil the fun I had with creating this thread?

i like space pope Captura de Tela 2020-05-06 às 20.39.13
can do :amarr: in steam and cant do here :confused:

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work backwards from bump mechanics and the fact that theres @#$#@ sounds in space.

How do you know there’s no vomit in there as well? Medieval knights pretty much pissed and shat inside their armor on the go. You think all of us shove tubes down our throats and up our asses any time we get into one of these things? No, that’s just something that only miners do.

I’m not saying that you should always suspect the worst selection of bodily fluids inside every capsule; just that you should probably bring a UV light along for an inspection in case you ever decide to buy one second-hand.

By the way, I’m selling a capsule if anyone’s interested.

Tama come now/
Scratch that I cant solo pvp tama

Think the diving suit from the Abyss.

— Gadget’s deep thoughts


The people who always complain that it is unrealistic that a frigate can bump a freighter never actually tried that. The space ships in EVE behave perfectly like real-world submarines would.

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And I am currently Walking Inside Stations. :walking_woman:


Speak for yourself. My clones don’t poo or puke or piss. I airlock myself every time I have to go. Wiping is for chumps.

Damn, that’s a level of efficiency I didn’t even consider to be possible.

But wait, hang on, if you airlock your clones every time they’re “full”, how do you consume their flesh? I thought eating the old ones was a requirement every time you molt?