Bumping should

have the smaller ship damaged

…or any other variations


So no, PEGs won’t allow any damage to happen.
You’re all very welcome. :dealwithitparrot:


I get both sides of the bumping argument, but an animation of 2 same size ships barely nudging each other? Wheres an animation of one of those slamming into an Orca head on? Fair is fair…


An animation of a frigate bouncing off an orca would be amusing but considering the mass difference, the frigate might as well be hitting an immovable object.

If there’s anything wrong with the bumping mechanic, it’s that IMO subcaps should not be able to affect a titan.

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Since it is all made up physics, there is no reason to expect something similar to real world physics. It could well be that the larger ship has a larger peg field and the collision extracts more energy from the… whatever dimension we go to when we warp, hence relative size does not matter…

The mechanic is pretty annoying, though, I’ll grant you that.

All pegs have the same size (you know since they’re basically infinite power sources lol), mass has no effect on their strength…

So…any size spacecraft has no effect on another when they are smashing into each other regardless of relative masses…yet…projectiles from projectile weapons evidently have no problem…

Cool, I can accept things need to be certain ways for the game and it’s not a physics simulator (aarooogah! Dive! Dive!), just seems a bit funny.

I don’t get it.

Why does the left frigate not feel the impact of the collision, but the right does?

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If the smaller ship gets damaged, does the larger ship get Concorded?

If no, I see a new way to slaughter frigates in high sec here.

If yes, I’ll position my frigate in the path of any freighter I see, and get myself bumped.

Not to mention the mess this would make of the Jita undock, where everyone is bumping everyone.

Speaking of bumping, what’s the fastest bump ship I can get? There’s a few bot gang miners that I need to punt into the next dimension. Currently using a Prophecy @ 4,600 m/s

But bumping isn’t realistic!!! We’re playing a fantasy spaceship game set years in the future and we’re immortal beings that poop in our capsules! This bumping business just isn’t realistic! Don’t you know anything about physics???


with a booster on field i have seen a friend once get his vagabond up to 30km/s and knock an Orca nearly 400km out of a belt in 1 hit(bump).


The problem I see with this is that you would have to REALLY be careful with how you fly the ship.

I always considered the bumping thing as this thing in the ships navigation system that inverse the ships to avoid collision and stuff…

Cause if ships get collision to one another it is only fair we get everything else collision, yes, even the smallest container floating in space, meaning that if you are running a data site in High Sec and someone else rushes in with a MWD that someone will Crash and Burn against the Data container.

And then there is bumping other players, gankers would hate this idea because as you try to stop the ship from warping you are applying damage to it as well as yourself, a system would have to be made to keep it from being exploitable, have CONCORD chase whoever begun the bumps or something, which then gives less than a chance of having friends over to gank the ship. Why exploitable? You are basically dealing free damage in High Sec when shooting a gun Once is a criminal act.

Or you can be diligent enough to not get bumped. There’s plenty of counter play that makes this emergent gameplay worth keeping. The tears and whining of the lazy and ignorant shouldn’t be enough to change something.

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Ah yes, forgive me for flying haulers to sustain my business that are slower than frigates and cruisers with MWDs fitted, I guess I am lazy and ignorant for doing a business I enjoy doing. Well done sir, well done, well done for making this wonderful argument as well as assuming that I will have tears rolling onto my cup of warm choco milk for simply giving my opinion about the matter and why it will never happen.

Case you are wondering, no, I am not worried of dying while hauling as far as I am concerned, if I loose something I only get more motivation to play to get my wallet filled up.


What I’m saying is that it’s silly for you to whine after you knowingly undock in a ship that has those flaws you listed, and don’t go through any measurable effort to not get bumped.

Having alts is just the bar for entry in almost every single thing you do in this game. In fact it’s difficult to play without your own alts as it puts you at a disadvantage against those that do. So you can easily scout yourself, use a webber to insta-warp off of gates, adjust your cargo/fitting to use Inertial Stabalizers, and pay attention to highsec intel channels. Once you’re bumped there’s a myriad of things you can do as counter-play.

It’s not my fault that you’ve chosen to partake in an activity that seems like most everyone does half-assed and careless.

So it is our fault that we do not feel like paying extra to have a scout or a webber and have a system implemented that further punishes the “single character” play style?

Please do tell me, if I am flying my Iteron V how can I avoid being bumped by 3 frigates? Recently what gankers have been doing is fit cruisers for max dps and they pray that the hauler is not tanked. And if you tell me to align to something else, yes, I know that and do that, I know how fitting stabilisers work but in High Sec they cannot just warp disrupt you without having CONCORD on them.

But please give me a few examples of avoiding being bumped, I have only been playing for a few months after all so I could use the knowledge of someone that claims that bumping can be entirely avoided with a myriad number of things.

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Yes. If you’re not willing to adapt and play with / around the meta, then you will fall behind and be at a disadvantage that only you have imposed upon yourself. Also alts can be free you know. Get it to 5m SP and farm it. You can literally have a useful alt at the cost of setting up some buy and sell orders, then the seconds it takes to extract.

Depends on the situation.

Scouts and webs are a good first start. If you want methods and techniques, browse through my post history. I don’t see the benefit in attempting to help someone that won’t take my advice, but will continue to whine.

You are only claiming that I am whining when I am trying to input constructive arguments and attempt to have you give me examples, I am a hauler yet I have shown my concern for gankers, you are the one here claiming you know it better and give the same thing everybody already knows and not giving proof that you know these “myriad of things”, and about the alt thing? Oh lets see, we can’t use them simultaneously if only one is Omega and we have to reopen the game if its on the same account! Go figure, the time it takes to swap characters can very well be the time the bumpers arrive. I have fed the troll long enough and ran out of popcorn, enjoy your own whining when you all figure that this will never be implemented since it has already been suggested 5 years ago.

Jita would be HELL with this system with all the undocking that goes on.

Damage through collision? Why not make things even more realistic and have explosions deal damage too, that will further tell corps and alliances to be careful not to blob Dreads or Titans, right?

You are beyond help. You know you can log on two Onega accounts at the same time? Go look up what an SP farming character is and how easy it is to have all the Omega alts you want for free.

Continue with your complaining.

Yes, I guess I really am beyond help for already being ahead of you in knowledge.