Bumping should

I had to ask myself because there’s no excuse to not have useful alts that you farm SP off of unless your computer somehow can’t handle two clients simultaneously.

The only person ahead of a bumper is a better bumper, and I doubt there’s anyone better than Faylee at this time :wink:

Since shooting ballistics to a ship does damage, flying a ship into another should logically do the same. Best solution is to turn ship on ship collisions off as we don’t seem to have any form of traffic control enforcement or collision detection in our spaceships.

I think I remember that discussion as in some countries (Philippines as an example) you can just buy a license to steer a large freighter and you don’t even have to know how it actually works. It’s all okay until you autopilot near Japan and bump into a U.S. Destroyer and kill a bunch of people.

What if there’s some kind of space wizardry buried deep down in the lore that gives us technology to repel collision damage, but is still penetrated by ballistics???

Bumping is fine. Can you put up a solid argument as to why bumping needs to be changed? I will remind everyone again that just because bumping for hours is possible, doesn’t mean it is common or even happens.

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I really want to see destroyed miners in they +200 mil exumers get destroyed when stuck in belt also gonna sit near jita and watch how ships trying to warp out and get destroyed when someone undock…

Since we don’t have any real control of our ship flight path colliding with any object can’t do any damage to ship.

too exploitable , ruins undock bookmarks , possibly even worse than current physics . thanks for a ■■■■ idea …

If you knew naval laws, the bigger ship always has right of passage…

And ships have more in common with magnets than anything else in EVE. And projectile weapons do not… Basic physics really

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Using mechanics in ways that aren’t actual exploits is what drives the sandbox.

Dock back up and try again?

What is wrong with the current bumping mechanic IMO is, that it works way to good with just a MWD-frig. If you would need at least a battleship or maybe even something as heavy as an Orca to bump a freighter, it would make more sense.

I think that those P.E.G. fields should not totally ignore a spaceship’s mass. They should be based on shipsize and or ship mass. If somehting as small as a frig bumps into a freighter, it should “bounce” off it without altering the course of the freighter. I don’t ask for 100% realistic physics here but come on the current system is way out of anything remotly explainable no matter how much suspension of disbelive or space magic you are willing to add here.

And a system where bouncing off heavier ships is in place would allow for hilarious games of space billard. :grin:

What you suggest is already what’s being used .
And yes, frigs bounce without much effect on the bumpee

Put on a 10mn AB.

Configure it to switch off after one cycle.

Hit warp. Immediately activate your AB.

Congratulations, you have a six-second align time.

I agree 100%. All that PEG crap is made up techno-babble to justify old shoddy game mechanics that seriously need an update. But then again, your trying to argue a point to players who think getting bumped is your own fault for undocking…

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I have used a Hecate to bump freighters and all it does is knock them off alignment enough to keep them bumped. It is difficult to maintain bumps for any length of time. In order to appease you I will fit a frigate and go bumping when I get home and let you know how it went.

Some cruisers and battleships are already to go-to ships for bumping. While you might get enough bumps for a short duration in a frigate, it’s not reasonable at all and easily countered.

What do you do in eve? Im genuinely curious and I do have a point in me asking. I just want to know what is something you do or enjoy doing in this game.

Edit: Looking at your killboard I can assume that you run level 4 missions in what I assume is a battleship… or at least you have. Ok on to my point.

Would you ever think it was wise to not fit a tank to your ship while running level 4 missions? No matter if you’re speed / sig tanking or armor / shield tanking it’s something you do before you undock. You prepare yourself and your ship for the task at hand.

You prepare yourself mentally by knowing the mission triggers, knowing which resist hole to plug, and what damage type to shoot. You prepare your ship by undocking with a proper fit that will best accomplish what you are trying to do.

Does it not make sense to do the same when you’re in a 1.2b ship with god know how much isk in the cargo holds? Preventing yourself from being bumped is something you prepare yourself for. It’s a preemptive move against those that wish to harm you (or just bump you a little).

You guys always take the most extreme translation of something that is said, then use it to argue your point. You will find that if you step back and look at something logically and practically, your side of the debates won’t look so foolish.

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PEGs are CCP lore lol
It’s not

made up crap

Like you say :joy:

Because people are upset! And we don’t want to hurt peoples feelings! Every jumpgate and orebelt should be equipped with tissues.

I don’t ‘want’ it changed, I just propose how to change it if anyone wants to change it.

Yes, in space the larger ships in motion would probably attract the smaller ships if we don’t take into account the “shields” of which i am not sure of what kind of technology that represents.

Emotions aren’t always a good tell for when something actually needs changing. A lot happens when emotions are involved such as personal bias, ignorance, and exaggerated points in their argument.

I am passionate about things like bumping, ganking, and wars even though they are largely unpopular due to their habit of destroying people’s things and not always being fun for both sides. The fact that I am passionate doesn’t prevent me from offering solid logic and explanations.

So unless anyone can offer real problems that are actually unfair and against the spirit of Eve Online, I will continue to be a voice against those that seek selfish and unneeded changes / nerfs.


I understand, and I hope someone someday will find a solution that is better than what we have at the moment.

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Oh wow so like two ships and they get close and like nope…thank you OP i was blind before now i am just stupid.

I made this… especially for our community :