How do Capsuleers Use the Bathroom like in ship?

Any lore I can read about Imortal Capsuleers Body Movements in Space?



Asking the real questions.


i belive a pilot is connected in many ways, and while in pod the pilot doesn’t eat regular food but is most likely fed some nutrients in the form of fluids. Not much waste then, just like in hospitals…


I think its tubes in the butt and around urinating parts.


Invasive plumbing.


If you are in your capsule, just let it go. The pod goo will take care of it. - That’s why it’s yellowish.

If you aren’t in your capsule, use the toilet like every normal human does.

Genral rule: Don’t eat and use the toilet before using your capsule! For short trips it doesn’t matter that much as for long journeys.

And no, there are no tubes for your body openings. I would kill that person or machine who would try to stick that into me!

I read that it works very similar to a baby, floating in amniotic fluid.


This comes to mind:


Fetuses may urinate; the kidneys are already working, but the bowels usually are not, not yet.

Great, now I have the mental image of a turd floating around in the pod gunk, just in my field of vision…


Depending of your training and awareness of yourself, you can control it. But it usually disturbs your connection with your ship, which is bad in critical situations.

Therefore: “Use the toilet before using your capsule!”

Capsuleers are in stasis when connected to the ship. They dont know what is going on around them and I think they are not aware if they urinate or something. Actually astronauts have to use suction (hooverin) tubes for urinating and defecating so why not wear such a hoovering, diaper like panty in a capsule? In the exosuit astronauts actually use just a diaper.

Maximum Absorbency Garment. Size Large.

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Diapers are worn in a dry environment. I doubt that they will work in a pool full of goo for long.

I for myself don’t use that and I never saw a capsuleers corpse wearing one of them.

That doesn’t mean they aren’t used but I’m convinced they are more an exception than the rule.

Diapers that are goo-proof and are separating body excretions from the goo is nothing really hard to make I think. They would work. As for why corpses dont wear them, I think corpses dont need diapers.

Although I think the suction tubes installed in panty like underwear would work even better. and there is room for that in capsule.


Why do I think that was invented by a guy? - Anyway…

True that!

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…there’s a reason you’re not supposed to get the pod goo in your mouth…


The tubes are the unisex type.

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This used to be a real problem for WH pilots back when there were only POSes and no citadels. You can’t dock at a POS and exit your ship, so they had live in their pods for days. For weeks, even months. Many of them eventually started displaying symptoms of a mental health problem called Foul Pod Fluid Stress Disorder. Actually that’s one reason the Upwell Consortium was founded-- to deal with the FPFSD problem. The Sisters of Eve may or may not be secretly behind it.


Pretty sure you’ve just revealed the secret of new and improved Quafe to all and sundry.


The way I see it, the capsuleer is much like a person in the movie “The Matrix”. They are connected to the ship and act as the central nervous system for the vessel while in the ship.

This is how and why the Sansha group ended up so twisted. Because once you are in the capsule for connection to a ship you are effectively immobile and defenseless.

But this also makes you very valuable because you are specially trained and gifted to be able to handle the stress that your nervous system will be put under.

As for your waste materials, well it would be cleaned out like they did in the Matrix… it is just processed and recycled.