If you leave your pod

Let’s say you leave a pod to have dinner with somebody on a station.

How do you get rid of the pod-goo? Do you take a shower?
Has a pod a storage for clothes and other stuff?
Does a station need a special docking area for pods? (To get rid of the goo once the pod opens and refill goo)
If they open… why is it not registered as a hull breach that kills the pilot? Does this mean a pilot could open a pod at any time?
Can a pod be hacked to do the opening sequence? If a pod is captured and has no time to self destruct and is not damaged could it be hacked to release the pilot?

Sorry for all these questions but as a baseliner I know nothing about pods :3

showers are a common part of the decanting process when you lave a pod. Its not registered as a hull breach for the same reasons that opening a hatch on a ship in a pressurized dock doesn’t register as a hull breach. Stations and structures have special facilities available for decanting from pod, and for refilling/refreshing pod goo. The pod is a 4 meter object, so it stands to reason there’d be basic storage compartments available for small objects and clothes, but with how rich capsuleers are, it stands to reason they could just buy a set on hand and never even notice thee expenditure register in their account.

Basically, anything is potentially plausible for the sake of a story, but try to make it a good one. :slightly_smiling_face:

and @Komi_Valentine , this part of the Fiction forum is OOC

[quote=“Agonarch, post:2, topic:225150”]
Basically, anything is potentially plausible for the sake of a story, but try to make it a good one. :slightly_smiling_face: [/quote]

I’ll try :frowning:

Other questions: Will pod goo get sticky or hard or cristallize after exposed to air for a long period of time? Or is it plausible there are different kind of pod goos?
The pods really are too mysterious. CCP should write a technical essay about pods :3 with ALL details including.
How can a pod scan a brain faster then a beam of laser destroys the pod? If a pod warps inside a sun? If it gets near or into a black hole? If some components of the pod fail to send the data?

Is there any information about specific scenarios in the official lore?

This may be a good place to start :slight_smile: the lore is available in a lot of places, but EVE Fiction is one of the main ones.

I also suggest, if you’re able to, trying to get your hands on EVE Source

As for pod goo getting sticky or hard… well, on another character I’ve played it that way if left for an expended period of time hehe. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also keeep in mind, that while articles like this have held up very well, as time has gone on, they are not strictly accurate anymore, though they are some of the best available resources. Lore has progressed over the past several years afterall

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I’ve already read that ^^ but there is no tech explaination how a hull breach for example is detected ><
Pressure inside the capsule? electromagnetic/mechanical Force applied to the hull?
How about failure rates of the technology? ><
My story would basically work if I replace the capsuleer with a baseliner, but I want that bit of extra touch :stuck_out_tongue: >

failure rate of the burn scanner in the capsule is something on the order of .02 percent. and breach detection is if/when the doubled internal hull is breached(read as depressurizes at a rate above a set baseline) that triggers an activation event. The information is there in various places. just have to dig for it.

a hull breach in space really has only one outcome anyway. As for the burnscanner flashcooking your brain and shooting off the signal faster than a beam slicing through the pod, quantum-entanglement. It doesn’t quite work in real physics, but its functional in the context of the setting, so it can be safely handwaved.

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I can’t say how the roleplayers would respond, but as far as I’m concerned, the better a story is, the less I care about whether it strictly adheres to existing lore/cannon. I’m not saying that you should just throw lore out the window, just that it’s okay to fudge things a little if you get a good story with compelling characters out of it.


I once found a few fan drawings from someone that had made some stories about they character coming back from a ship fight, and that had a illustrated scene of them leaving the pod. That I like to think is the way to do it

Edit. I found the comics


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