Clear alert for pod self-destruction with implants

Please add in the game clear, vivid alert when you click self-destruction on pod while have implants.

To avoid confusion:
I am NOT talking about clone destruction.
I am talking about self-destruction of pod in space with 2 minutes time counter.

You should know what clone you are using if you choose to self destruct your pod

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The warning message is like 10x bigger than the button to click and it’s even there with a warning sign including an exclamation mark in a bright orange color…


What the heck, really thats not enough? Please, someone offer a refund! Quick!


They might be referring to in space self destruction like stuck in a wh

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Hmm, I live in WHs for years and never encountered this problem. But okay, in this case the same warning text like on station appearing in addtion to the self-destruct timer would probably make sense. My apologies for the preemptive sarcasm.


Ive never self destructed a pod so i wasnt sure

Thanks to people like you, detergent pods have NO EAT labels.

if you cant remember that youre having implants in your head then who´s problem is that ?
if you cant affort to lose your implants then why do you use implants ? → golden rules !

i can remember the good old days when you have to upgrade your egg to not lose skillpoints :wink:
i´m still mad that they removed this ! but i still see why they did this … but at the end → eve is a way less harsh game then 2012 and player like you " but show me that i can lose something " will only result in way more useless information pop ups …

sry bro a big fat -1 for your idea !

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not clone destruct, but pod self-destruction

What a logic. Then let’s remove all kind of warning in the game. You have to always remember about everything in the game. Not remember, your lost. With your logic let’s remove all warnings to show people how dump they are.


You evacuate with all your ships, items and clones. This make you to destroy many of pods in short time. After each jump from unsafe to safe you destroy your pod, to jump with other ship. Again and again. It is easy to not realise this time you have implants in pod. This is very reasonable to make warning for implants when you do pod self-descrution while the same kind of warning is for clone destruction.

I do pod self-desctruction almost everyday.

yeah why not ! i´m the first for sign THIS !

On station or in space? Sorry but it’s a bit confusing to understand where exactly your problem is.

→ you self-destruct your pod in a station = you already get a big fat orange warning text

→ you self-destruct in space = you have a red 2minute countdown during which you could check your implants. But it’s unclear why you do that at all, if you lose your ship through combat in hostile space, the opponents would gladly pod you home. If it is in your own space, just go docking and self-destruct there, it is way faster than waiting for the countdown (and you would get again a big fat orange warning text).

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pod self-descruting is only in space.
in station it is clone destructing

But it’s unclear why you do that at all,

Nobody destroy my ships. I haul items and ships very often and do trades. It needs each time to be in different place and do pod self-destruction in space to re-born in home.

Another situation is evacuation with all items and ships which make repeating job start in point A, go to B, space pod self-destruction. Again start in A and repeat proces, again, again and again including transport of clones located in different places which make it easy to destroy them by incident.

semantic … its the same !

question is → why do you do it in space and wait 2 min ? you can do it on station and youre immediately sitting in your home station oO

you its a repeated activity youre doing every day then why do you even use implants ? or why do you cant remember that youve got some implants ?

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wait… there is a way to self-destructon in station… Something went wrong. Eve UI is too hard for me.

you its a repeated activity youre doing every day then why do you even use implants ? or why do you cant remember that youve got some implants ?

Because usually I don’t go with implants, but sometimes I do. Then as a habit I destroy the pod like I always do.

You always get a warning. Why not use the eve map to find a clone bay nearby NPC station to jump out of clone? Why self destruct in space and wait for a timer when you can dock up and do it instantly in station? Even if you pick an NPC station without a clone bay, if you use your character sheet to “jump” to home station your current clone will be deposited in the station you jump from. So many options.

he just want to have it way harder then everyone else

Yes there is. You can simply go to your chacacter sheet, select the “Home Station” tab and self-destruct your current clone to wake up in a new one at your home station. And if you have any implants in the head, it will warn you with that big fat orange message.

May I ask what kind of items or ships you move around that makes it benefitial to do it only one-at-a-time and self destruct home instead of filling a DST with more than one repackaged ship per trip? You could carry like a dozen small ships (and rigs and fitting modules) inside the fleet hangar of a DeepSpaceTransport and also enjoy the benefits of being able to MJD, Nullify, Cloak/MWD and whatnot…

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