Add "Jump Clone Implant" Safety Mode

Recently when I was getting ready to jump clone over to my training clone, I noticed that my +5 training clone had gone missing. The only explanation I could come up with was that I had either through a bug, or through some confusion/mix up on my part, self destructed the implant clone in station when attempting to death clone my way around New Eden.

I would have loved some kind of “Jump Clone Implant” safety mode setting in my eve client. Would it not be awesome if there was some way to set your account to NEVER self destruct in station if the clone has implants in it. Instead the client would just show a pop up saying “You have disabled self destruct for clones with implants in them… please re-enable it in settings if you want to take this step”. This may help avoid the destruction of implants either through player confusion (which I am sure happens a LOT), or through bugs where the UI may not have updated.

Feels like an easy win.


“You are undocking in a mining barge in highsec with implants. Please be careful.”

It’s a nice idea.

But as of last week you get a big warning whenever you want to suicide a clone or jump destroy a clone containing valuable implants or boosters, so I’m not sure if this is still needed.

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