Implants Being Destroyed When You Are Destroying Your Empty Clone

There has been on issue on my end when I jump to an empty clone and destroy the EMPTY pod to go back to the home station, the implants are being destroyed on the previous pod that I jumped from.

This doesnt happen all the time but it has happened to me 3 times in the past week.

I’ve lost about 3 pods worth of implants due to this bug and I just can’t grasp how this is happening. The in-game mail jump clone destruction had no loss in implants but they are gone? GMs are helping me restore it but someone should look into it.


If you want someone to look into it, your best bet is to submit a bug report in-game.

I’ve submitted a ticket and GM kindly told me to let my concerns know to the CSM in the forum, but I will submit the in game bug report as well.


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There is a session change timer after you exit your ship or when you switch clones.

Did you perhaps destroy your current clone immediately after initiating a clone swap while you still had a session change timer, instead of waiting out the session change timer?

I suspect you did, which may explain why you destroyed the clone with implants rather than the empty clone: it had not swapped yet and was waiting for the session change timer.

OP mentioned no clone destruction notification message. No personal experience but I assume every destroyed clone generates one, is that how it works? :thinking:

That is a good point. I would expect the implants to show up in the mail then. :thinking:

Still, I think the session change timer may be a lead.