Self destruct

So yes, total noob, found a wormhole and thought 'why not"? Entered, met these bad dudes called awakened who toasted me in seconds, leaving me in capsule. Small child then throws wobbly in background, I bail, forget what’s going on and return later. Am now in unknown space, no probes, no jump gates, no ideas (oh and thanks to whoever suggested insulting the awakened patrollers. Am now orbiting them at 500m and calling them salty fish. No response). Can I self destruct a capsule or should I just make a new character?

Yes, you are an immortal demi-god so just self-destruct and get on with things in a new clone.

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Or you can smack talk and demand a duel at the sun.

yeah but how exactly do i self destruct?

which buttons?

found it. Boom!


Two minutes - Pod express home. Bomb Voyage!

For all others also wondering: Leftclick on HUD (“Heads Up Display”, the circle with the capacitor), chose self destruct. There must be no module active, e.g. you can’t self destruct cloaked or shooting. Then a 2 minutes timer starts, after that your corpse is floating in space and your consciousness is transferred to your home station in Highsec.
Further Info: Eve Uni: Clones

Now the awakened patrollers do nasty things with your corpse. :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:


Yes, I heard the horror stories and lucikly I escaped just in time…

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