Stuck in Wormhole space

Hi, somehow lost all saved locations while in wormhole space. After hours trying to find a way out to known space I self destructed, but didn’t find myself back at home base. Now trapped still but only in capsule?
Can anybody help?

Contact signal cartel in game

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Did you self destructed your ship or your capsule? If you self destruct your capsule you will be back in your home station.

Sounds like you only destroyed your own ship, not the capsule.

You also need to self-destruct your capsule to wake up in a fresh medical clone at your home station outside wormhole space.

In a capsule, the fastest way indeed is destruction of the pod.
How? When not in warp, right click in you HUD (the capacitor circle) and chose “! Self-Destruct …” Then a 120 second cancel timer starts. If you don’t cancel your pod explodes and you awake in Highsec in a new pod.

Don’t forget this destroys all implants in the process.

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