Uhh oops

I may have just gotten the gas mining skill and I may have just gotten stuck in a wormhole looking for gas. I can’t see the wormhole exit on my map or even when I scan… HELP

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What ship are you in and can you afford to lose it?

If you don’t have probes, the fastest way back to k-space is to self destruct. Either eject from your ship and self destruct your pod, or do both.

If you really don’t want to lose your ship, then reach out in game to Signal Cartel and they will provide assistance (normally). They may even be able to tell you where a rescue pack is in the hole, if you have the skills to use what it provides.

See details here:


But really, the fastest way is to just self destruct.


I have probes but its not showing up there either?

There is no signature to scan down, or your probes seem to be missing?

Most likely the hole closed and you need to scan a new way out.

Would a wormhole be a cosmic signature until I have scanned it enough?


Once you get it scanned enough, it will tell you whether it is a wormhole, gas, relic site, etc.

So keep scanning until you get one that says wormhole and then keep scanning it. Wormholes have more than 1 connection (especially at the moment), so scan them until you find your way out to HS or LS.

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Okay thanks!

Best of luck. If you have probes, you’ll eventually find your way out again.

I made it back thanks!


Congratulations on your safe escape.

If that ever happens again, and you start to consider self-destructing, it is always worth a shot asking Local for help, before going through with it.

I’ve met a couple friends in what I thought were cold, empty wormholes.

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Are you checking the wormhole’s “Show Info” before you enter ? if it says “This wormhole is reaching the end of its natural lifetime.” you’d risk getting stuck if you entered.

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Also when you jump into a WH make sure you bookmark the exit as soon as you are on grid, If that hole closes and you will still need to scan another but if it doesnt close you will have it in your bookmarks already without needing to scan down again.


how did you manage to enter this worhole system if you are not able to scan a wh as a cosmic sig???

He said he was part of a fleet, presumably someone else scanned it and bookmarked (or 'warp to fleet member’d) it for him.

where did he say that he was part of a fleet???

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