Stuck in Wormhole

So, I did a bad call yesterday, logging off inside a Wormhole.
Is there a way to know when an exit into my region spawn or should I just eject?

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Always bookmark wormhole upon entry, always. To answer your question:

  1. If you have scanning equipment you can scan the exit.
  2. If you don’t then self-destruct is the way.
  3. But if you have something really precious in your ship or in your head then you might ask for people on forums/reddit/ingame to help you with getting out of WH. Though the chances of people helping you are not big.
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Assuming you have probe launchers, worry less about the region you exit from and enjoy the journey. Scan the wormholes, find the exits, keep going until you find a connection to k-space.

If you don’t have probe launchers, you’re either at the mercy of helpful people in that wormhole or the off chance that a group like EVE Scout could find you.

And yes, lastly, self destruct will send you home.


Yeah, welcome to Eve and to the wonderful career of Exploration.

Hopefully you have a probe launcher fit on your ship. If so just scan down some new w-holes and continue exploring, eventually you’ll find a w-hole leading back to known space.

Now if you entered a w-hole without a probe launcher fit on your ship, then you definitely messed up. If you don’t want to self destruct, you could try warping to 100 on each moon searching for player owned structures, take note of the Corp and send them a message asking for help. They might be more inclined to help you if you offer them ISK.

Best to look at this situation as a learning experience. It will definitely help you to become a much better explorer.

May you have good luck and much success.

I guess, once you’re in this situation, it’s helpful to start using the online resources we have for wormholes.

The wormhole system is NOT random. The wormhole star systems are actually fixed in space and unchanging; imagine 2500 stars in a second galaxy right above the regular 5000-star galaxy. The only difference is that these w-stars are connected by temporary wormhole tunnels, rather than permanent star gates. You can look up the w-star system details in Ellatha’s W-space database - the name of wormhole star systems is J9342083 or similar, and this is displayed in the upper left corner of your screen, just like “Jita” or “Sobaseki” would in high-sec.

The wormhole tunnels are not random either. Some are random, but some are “static” = they change but they’re guaranteed to connect to a (different each time) high-sec location, low-sec location, null location, or w-space location. When you probe down a wormhole tunnel, if you show info it will have a code that you can look up on Ellatha’s wormhole tunnel database to see where the wormhole will go, without having to go through it.

The w-space solar systems are rated in terms of difficulty from Class 1 to Class 6. Those that have C2 difficulty have a much higher number of “statics” in them, and these statics will connect to other C2 systems, or to high-sec, low-sec, or null. So the C2-difficulty stars form like a circular highway that you can follow to get out.

So your strategy should be to probe for wormholes that have codes that indicate they’ll go to high-sec or low-sec. If you don’t find any, then probe for wormholes that lead to another C2 difficulty w-star, and then go through and try again for high-sec or low-sec.


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