Returning player, undocked in a Dread in a WH

Hi everyone,

I quitet a year ago, my last corp was a wh corp.

Today i logged back in, to find myselft somewhere in space undocked in a dread…

Is there anything i can do, or is there just self destruct?

PS: Clone is in alpha state :smiley:


Stares blankly, slowly points to the ‘self-destruct’ button.

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Well…it has been known for some wh dwellers to assist ppl getting out of a wh. I am assuming you dont have a scanner in there.

This is a very far fetched suggestion, but if you had a wh going into null, you could jump through and then cyno out. But again this would only work if someone has the goodwill to help you out :grimacing:

Only other thing is as already suggested, self destruct

Edit: Actually…can you even jump a dread through a wh to null? Never actually flown one :thinking:

There’s always risk, but maybe…


If you find any wh leading to providence, I would be glad to help

Self destruct my friend, that dread was from a time of yore, you’ve been reborn and it is time to cast it aside.

So your home got blown up. Dont worry! You’ve got a few options. First, if you have a rollout kit, just refit off a mobile depot and equip a probe launcher, probes and a cloak. If you’re in a c5 or c6, this will let you scan out and maybe get rescued by your own hands.

If not, well, you’ve got two options. Since you just returned, file a support ticket and see if they’ll rescue you that way. If not, right click your ship and selfdestruct out. Dont eject and just get your pod out; you wont get any insurance payout for it. Good luck!

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There are wormhole rescue services. I’m not sure what the OP would do with the dread once he got “rescued” though. Perhaps it would be better to identify the current inhabitants of the hole and maybe join them.


Also possible. Depends on who lives there now.

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You answered your own question.

This, seriously do this, get moved to a npc station somewhere.


Yeah, the support guys are big softies.

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He is in a ■■■■■■■ wormhole, idiot. Unless it is Thera, there is no NPC station. Read the ■■■■■■■ topic next time.

I don’t know why, but you seem to have forgotten support can and most likely will just move him to a lowsec station.


Having your stuff moved to an npc station somewhere by Support is pretty much a standard thing when you say you have returned to the game after a break.


An apology is in order. I read: move to a npc station instead of “get moved”.


Any chance you have a probe launcher? Not many options if you dont…

Try support they have been known to move people to an NPC station before however when I logged back in after not playing for awhile I found my scanner alts that I’d logged off with my carrier in a WH had been moved back to their home stations but my carrier left where it was deep in a WH. As I had a probe launcher, probes and mobile depot inside it they refused to move it despite the fit and carrier being utterly broke due to the capital changes since so I couldn’t even warp it off grid without the loss of millions in modules and having to jettison about half a billion worth of fighters.

Needless to say it put to bed any fleeting thoughts I might have had of resubscribing to the game.

As long as it is a C5 or C6 with a connection to null/lowsec you can move dreads and carriers but not supers/titans in and out of those WHs. Unless it has changed since I last played there is a mass limit that equates to approx. 3 capital jumps before it collapses the connection.

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Thanks for the tip with the support. I have tried my luck, unfortunatly they have a policy to not move capitals or other ships with a jump drive, because they suggest that these ships will be able to move themself. I asked for a exception because i can not move myself, because i am lost in a wormhole. But there is no exception, because wormholes are supposed to be dangerous space :frowning:

I have a probe launcher and a mobile depot, but i think my luck scanning myself out inside of a dread is not that good i think. I do not have a cloak or something…

The wormhole is a C5 with static C5, i have not logged in the char a second time, i think if there are ppl they will find me quickly…

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Well that kinda sucks, I’d try the Eve Scout thing next then. Sorry :woman_shrugging:

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