Lost in Whorm Hole

i’m lost in a whorm hole with no ship …mine was killed by ennemies
i’ve make the mistake to lose the wh enter i cant do nothing here how can i kill my character to be back in my origin station and contimue to play
thank for answer

I think if you want to self destruct, you have to be in space, which you’ll be in pod, and right click and there should be a self destruct… or, you can look up signal cartel, which they look for and help people stuck in wormholes.

right clik and self destruct…just a suicide

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yep, but if you have a clone somewhere outside of the wormhole, you’ll be transported to wherever your medical clone is. that is a quick way to get out of the wormhole

To clarify further, on self destruct you will wake up in a new clone at the station you designated as your home station.

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You will lose any implants on your current clone when you self destruct. *

You are a functionally immortal Capsuleer. At the moment of death you consciousness is transferred to your medical clone at your home station (details in one of the tabs under your character window - a tab of the same window as has your training details).

You can self destruct any ship you are in. Right click on your ship in space and select self-destruct (I think that’s the label). If you are just in your pod (the egg like thing your clone is plugged into) then destroying that will kill your clone and your consciousness transfers.
Worth remembering that when a clone dies the implants in your brain are lost.

This consciousness transfer is useful as you can have clones stored in stations around New Eden allowing you to move quickly across the cluster - but only your mind. Your physical assets are another problem (you’ll also want a local cache of ships). Clone jumping like this also allows you to have different implant sets for different purposes.
Jump Clones are different to Medical Clones - you have to pay for Jump Clone creation and storage.

On the upside, clone death does gives you a chance to escape a wormhole. But hopefully you’ll have learnt the “bookmark everything - especially the way home” lesson.

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Suicide’ is useful if you have a number of ships to move from system ‘A’ to system ‘B’, and have no Bowhead etc. Set your ‘Home’ to system ‘A’ and fly the first ship to system ‘B’, ‘suicide’ to get back to system ‘A’, and fly the next ship to system ‘B’. Rinse and repeat as required. When you’ve moved the last ship, set your ‘Home’ to system ‘B’. The ‘suicide’ is trivial if system ‘B’ has a clone-bay, just choose the ‘Self-destruct’ option therein for instant transfer. If system ‘B’ has no Clone Bay, you need to launch your capsule and right-click/self-destruct with a wait of 2 minutes before transferring back to system ‘A’. Just be aware that ‘suicide’ destroys and implants or boosters, so you need a ‘clean clone’ to do this.

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I’ve got the theme from MAS*H stuck in my mind…

Anyway, the obligatory link to Eve University’s Clones page.

hums quietly:
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Dunno if you have already self destructed but if not, maybe warp to and check out some of the sleepers in the sites up close in system.

not recommended in a pod.

You have three options:

  1. Talk in local and see if someone will help. There’s a good chance someone will see it and you might get out. Or you might get caught and die.
  2. Join a well known corp/alliance known for scanning’s public channel and see if they’ll help. It might work!
  3. The most macabre option. Right click your capacitor wheel, and select Self Destruct. Then, wait the two minutes for your pod to explode. Supposedly this will appease an entity known as Bob if you do it at the sun.

Good luck!

Do sleepers pod you? I know most NPCs won’t.

i know autothysian lancers do.

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