Moving my old character from wormhole space?

Hello all, I’ve sent a ticket to GM saying that my character is stuck in wormhole space on a carrier but was given the response it cant be moved due to having jump drive capabilities. However if I recall correctly, it’s not possible to use jump drive capabilities in wormhole space, so I feel that really should not apply for instances such as these for willing and paying players. I was a day one player and supported eve for many, many years but have just gotten a very blank response saying nothing can be done which I find rather troubling considering how much money I spent on this game through the years. I haven’t been able to play in years because of my job, but due to this Corona virus pandemic I now finally have some time on my hands to play and really did want to start playing again. But seeing as that I barely even remember how to use scanner probes to even get out of there, I thought it might’ve been possible to move me to a low sec station or something of the sort to get accustomed to the game again.

Contact these guys - they may be able to help:

Probably not in a wormhole with very large exits…

if the above applies…

eject, self destruct; you can not move a carrier through most wormholes so if your not in one of those…

See that’s the thing, I’d rather just not play again than self destruct

Thank you I might try that

You might be stuck with not playing then. Signal Cartel can’t do much about a lost capital ship I don’t think.

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I was told the by another GM to voice my concerns to the CSM forums, so I thought I’d at least try, but you’re right, that may just be the case unfortunately.

Version A - your Carrier is in a low class WH:

Somebody had to build it in there and it is known, that it will be in there forever. There wouldnt be a reason for GMs to move it out.

Version B - your Carrier is in a high class WH:

You propably brought it in as rolling Carrier, so its fairly cheap. If you own a Carrier you should have a second account anyways, to light cynos and stuff. If you somehow dont have the second account for your capital, you can just use an alpha account. You can use this toon to scan a connection and only login the carrier, once you found a connection.
With the increase in roaming connections that should be possible in a couple of days.

If your second account is not inside the WH you can ask Evescouts for help, they will be able to bring your own scout inside the WH.

You are complaining about not getting saved by GMs out of WH space. The two features of WH space are no local and no asset saftey. As a “day one” Eve player you really shoulnd expect GMs to save your stuff out of WHs.

If you still intend to come back, start an alpha toon, get used to all the changed rules while you wait for Eve scouts to find your WH and then you should be able to fly your carrier out of WH space. Its going to be a great adventure and you will learn alot to come back to the game like that.

EDIT: if you got any specific questions you are obviously free to ask and i will try my best to help you out.


Thank you for the kind and honest words. The thing I’m just worried about is I log in, have no clue what anything does then lose whatever i have for starting again. I worked so hard when I was playing a few years ago, but due to my job I just honestly could not play anymore.

So afaict you’re more than likely in J150944 which is a C4 (low class) WH. This is based on your current corps KB (they lost a POS in that system back in March/April 2014).

The linked site indicates it is possible for a wandering K329 to spawn in system, which would be a direct exit to null sec, but you’d need probes on the carrier to be able to find this, but I didn’t think you could jump caps in/out of low class WHs, so not sure how accurate that is.

Have you confirmed there isn’t anyone active in your corp still, if there is they may be able to assist you exiting your current location, otherwise your best bet could be Eve-Scout, they often setup caches hidden in WH systems that contain a probe launcher & probes, if you’re able to locate this you may be able to get out.


If you used a carrier in a WH and thats all you got left, then you did something wrong before you left, to be honest.

You can go into the login screen and you will see the system, where your carrier is logged out. WHs are also pretty empty, so if you are not super unlucky you can just log in and cloak up.
If you are not sure how the carrier is fit, then fly in a Mobile Depot and a cloaking device in with your other account. You can put it in the Carrier Fleethangar and then you can refit for a cloak and other travel stuff.
Your carrier does only fit through WHs that say “very large” ships can pass through.

Still, creat an alpha, they are free, and fly a few days with it to get back into the game, that could also be a good way to find some new friends, because honestly, playing Eve alone is pretty boring.

If that is true, then your Carrier is lost. It cant leave a C4 WH and im pretty sure it never could. Selfdestruct it and you will get a few hundred million Insurance back. You should also check the Fleethangar, maybe there is a ship in there you can save.

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