Stucked because entering WH while its collapse and no one helping

Hi, i was stucked couse the reason in the Topic. My fleet moved home and i could not follow. A GM moved my to my homesystem and than back to the system i was stuck, 67 jumps away frome home.
He refuse to move me to the homesystem which my fleet arrived.
How stupid is that, that a BUG ■■■■■■ my game up. Now i have to move alone…and im camped.
Petiotion to move me home.

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You don’t know how to use the jump gates, bro?

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shure iam but without fleet its suicide, because a bug im stucked…trolling dosnt help anyone

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Dude. Just deathclone or jumpclone back home.

its 300m ship…noo

Then dockup and logoff.

Stop being a zergling…

it not couse the ship dude, ist because the mechanic from the help by support

So you missed your jump because the wh collapsed.
It is no bug. It happens.
You have other options.
GM’s are not your personal UBER drivers.
C’mon man.


im 57 jumps from homesystem…the bug will couse toloose my ship

You lost it the minute you first undocked.

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This is not a bug, but intended game mechanic, and the risk build in the wormhole system. I got stuck like you many times, there are always options. Ask your friends to help you out? Safe log in space, and try again moving next day? Also … 300M … is not much …

… if you are worrying about your ship, you should have not risked it in the first place, right? Unexpected things always happen in EvE, the fun comes from dealing with them.


to loose the ship in fight its ok, to loose it becouse a bug not…
if u clonejump an loose your implants, u get it back…but why not the ship loosing becouse a bug
i stuck because i jump a collapsing WH, so i cant navigate anymore…not stucking becouse wh closing before i jump

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I repeat once more, collapsing wormholes in front of you, when you are about to jump, are common things. People get lost in space everyday like that, nobody whines about.


not in front…while in jump process
if that is common…there is a big problem
better way would be to be directly free

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Yeah doesnt seem like a bug in where you’ve ended up, just bad luck and someone in fleet decided to take the fleet through a critical hole, without leaving a ship with probes behind just in case it collapsed.

If you are worried about losing it before getting it safe, logoff and get someone in a scanning ship (alt or other person) to either scan into Thera and then the nearest hole to you, or come down to you and scan a new chain out, or to just scout you out.


You got moved by the game master, but as he said, to the last system you were in before the stuck situation (this is what he is allowed to do). Apparently the origin side of the hole. Hence the jump didn’t go through for you, you never left the original system.

The bug may got you stuck, but the situation you are in now, is according to mechanics, as you from the game’s point of view never left the origin system.


Removed some GM correspondence.

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  1. You can sit here and whine like a child forever because you’re not gonna get a free move.

  2. You can self destruct your ship and your pod, go back home, and start playing the game again.

  3. Try asking EVE-Scout via their rescue service:

Either way, you’re not going to get help from the forums with that attitude, and no GM is going to just give you a free move because you whined about it.


Take gates, just don’t warp gate to gate if there is someone else in local.


WHs collapse it isnt a bug, I assume it was either end of life and collapsed at the unfortunate point you jumped or the mass of all your fleet that went before you caused it to collapse leaving you behind.

If you are going into a WH i suggested you carry a mobile depot, a probe launcher and probes in your cargo so if you get stuck like this again you can refit and scan yourself out.

the only other real option you have (apart from suicide cloning home) is to ask up in local for someone to help with an exit, if they stick to their word and dont kill you anyway, they will probably want ISK for doing it.

it isnt a bug though, I think it is just that you are not aware of WH mechanics.