Cant get into my home

So I am a returning player. I have just docked a space station and tried to get into my home (Sorry don’t know the proper EVE terms). All I can do is undock and dock, there used to be second option to enter my home has this changed while I was gone. Do i just dock with the station and thats it?



Cool Thx

Homes were deleted, unfortunately. :pensive:

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Fixed that for ya :parrotcop:

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No, you have broken it! :stuck_out_tongue:

Gief my CQ back CCP. :pensive:

And gief WIS too.

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What you mean the 3 seater sofa with 1 place to sit? Or the TV with one channel that keeps pretending older players are new players who have just started? I saw myself come up loads of times on the “go welcome the new guy” section having been playing for donkeys years. Perhaps you’d like the other door back? You remember the only door in the room, the one that doesn’t do the things a door should :boredparrot: Or potentially you even prefer the way it used to take 5 times as long to load the station interior when you were only popping in and out to re-ship.

There could be any number of reasons a massive masochist might want the CQ back, but a sick person deserves medication not enablement :parrotdad:

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You are so easy trigger. :smirk:

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^ Flavour of the month phrase, much like using autism as an insult. Max points mate, defo.


CQ and WIS was the future CCP removed like the millions of dollars sunk into the failed VR and other side projects. Go figure. Your small mind cant comprehend how it could have been. I will relentlessly remind it to you and the others everytime. Then you will remember this when you will try SC for the first time and scales will fall off from your eyes. :sunglasses:

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Yeah our Quarters is gone sadly enough, I was looking forward for an expansion into that too…


It was rubbish. You promote a game addition that shifts attention from strategic thought and situational awareness to socialization and costumes and MY mind is small? Your imagination must be nice, but the reality was crap, and it’s great they aren’t devoting any more time to it :smiley:

Star Citizen is nothing like EvE. I’d play it additionally but for very different reasons.

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So, why would someone not want to play EVE for different reasons than…
just hear yourself:

And many more reasons why could you play it. Yes, there is contradiction in your words. But you dont see how it can be because of lack of imagination what it could have been.

Rubbish? :smile:
Promoting a game? :rofl:
If CCP makes the game, well, they have to promote it. Is it my fault that it was rubbish because you was always closed in one room? I always wanted doors to be opened. CCP is like king Midas in reverse. Everything they touch lately turns into :poop:.
It did not had to be this way.

I would risk statement that my imagination and contempt for microtransactions is what CCP leadership did not have at all, thats why the reality was crap for us, because of CCP shoveling :poop: into reality. And its not great that they were not devoting any time to it, at least from my point of view. But well, its CCP, not me. It could have been great addition, not one room with home cinema. :psyccp::woman_shrugging:

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Because they wouldn’t be playing EvE if their gameplay revolved around standing in their quarters trying on different dresses.

There is no contradiction. EvE in space creating content = good. EvE in station doing make-up = bad.


I meant that you are promoting this terrible idea, not CCP. CCP agree with me.

Micro-transactions are one of the core drivers behind walking in stations. People needed a place to wear all the hats and other such noise CCP was trying to sell them.

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Rubbish. Because Hilmar wanted 70$ monocles.

My idea was to bring WIS not keep closed door.
CCP made a bad decisions not me. CCP harvested fruits of former failed decisions of not developing it rightly. CCP did not agree with you, their former decisions to abandon development of it completely forced them to remove it.

No. Players creating content = good. Where you are doing it, doesnt matter, its a sandbox first law. Only they have to get tools to create it. Never was Make-up the definite end to what WIS could have been, and CCP acknowledged it with their further avatar exploration prototype, that was unfortunately abandoned also. They shifted money to other projects.

Not revolved, but being a part of, with many other features, all in a world of New Eden, game called EVE online.

I think with other management (not yours for sure) the game would be doing a lot better. You dont seem to understand anything what I am writing about.

Of course you can brag about CCP and you being the winners of this whole mess, but I see it as like some religious fanatics would finally declare victory by decapitating scientists and forcing everyone to burn evil books.

I liked how the door to the toilet just led to open space.

WIS and the Captains Quarters had no effect on gameplay, I don’t miss them. You’re right, it was cool, but hardly essential and the last thing in the world worth arguing about.


Now CCP can only watch how its done.
From concept art
to the actual functioning planet

Meanwhile CCP initially did not want to add hangar view to citadels at all. Outcry was so big they really had to think again.

The end. :skull:

That’s like linking pictures of Call of Duty on an ARMA forum and telling Bohemia Interactive to “just watch how it’s done”. They’re different games linked only by their setting, and each provides different gameplay (well one will provide different gameplay one day in the future, for now it’s several tech demos next to each other).

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