Returning Player immediately Put off playing


Just want to voice my opinion of the current state of Eve.
I am a returning player (returning after a year of absence). I entered the game in Jita as normal and noticed I was unable to get to my home system of Kino. I have lost everything I had to the triglavians, a threat that never existed when I last played. Furthermore, all my industry jobs are locked on so I cannot even cancel them. Stopping me from doing my career choice in game.

Even if this was not the case, without my miners, providence or Orca I have no way to make isk.

This has completely destroyed eve for me. The billions of isk I had amassed in assets in a high sec part of space, believing my assets were safe in a station, which now I cannot access.

The only way to get in is spend millions of isk, which I have no way to make back, to jump in and out of triglavian space with a 15 minute cool down and hope I strike lucky. How is that fun?

CCP Really need to consider returning players. If anyone asks me about Eve now, I will advise them to stay well away!

If you do not consider returning players then stop advertising to them as when you come back everything you have done over years of playing has been locked away behind a pointless wall, one I cannot even get through. Support is great and has said I need to get to the station to teleport my freighter out. Yet I cannot even get in there to do that. Making the solution unreachable.

How is this whole situation to the benefit of the community?


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Have you put a ticket in? I mean, nothing might come of it, but its more likely youll get sympathy there. And yeah, interesting inventory, ta.


I joke of course, those are now Triglavian NPC structures. They cannot be popped… (knowing CCP… yet)

But seriously… You can save yourselves some time and just contract everything to me. If your not willing to use it, I ok using it.

I can enter no issues, got the standing…

Even got the t-shirt


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I am a high sec player so not got a clue!
I have put a ticket in and they can get my freighter out so I can sell it and rebuild from there.

Still a huge kick in the teeth to have lost everything.

I have watched videos on how to get in and have jumped around 4 times but as I have no standing I cannot get to Kino. Which sods law has made it the highest standing system.


It is something i guess.

The other stuff? :slight_smile:

Sadly will all be stuck there.
I will just start again with a miner I suppose once I sell the freighter.

Not being able to do industry anymore as it is outside the access range is the worst part.

Maybe you should consider winning EVE?


CCP thinks stuff like this is funny.


They are not the only ones. :slight_smile:

But I also understand how much that has to suck. Just like that abandoned structure change.


I honestly would as well as CCP seems to be running around setting fire to everything atm. Only reason I’m still here is because i was already active before all this ■■■■ and have so much time invested in the game.


I am in no position to tell people what to do with their time, but doing the same thing over and over again only for some update to destroy the results of your effort, is pretty wastefull, especially considering how much time was sunk, and would be needed to get to the same point.

It would be best to keep out and redirect energy for betterment of humanity. The skills can be aquired in something more connected to real environment where it matters more.

I saw loot cans in my system definitely coming from an exploded structure.
I’ve also looted the scraps the others left to grab, of course. :blush:

You’re constantly posting negatively about CCP …
… and, if i recall correctly, aren’t even playing anymore.

You’re doing exactly that.
Every single day.

Not seeking an argument, but in this light your post is rather weird.


Yeah, of course. But this is an NPC station. :slight_smile:

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yeah that suck, i think in your case ccp should transfer your assets to other NPC station via ticket
i usually doesn’t care for this kind of topics but your complain seems valid to me


It sounds like they’re applying the same policy here as they do for nullsec players who come back to find their stuff is out of reach.


The stories I have heard are that CCP won’t help returning players.

“Suck it up, chump! Why did you think you stuff was safe docked up in a highsec station?”

My bad. :smiley:

They have my friend…they consider them…they are intentionally showing them the door.