Returning Player - CCP scared me away


I have 1000’s of hours on my main account, had best time and memories gaming in EvE. Stopped playing for a couple of years cause of time constraints but i always missed it.

Whats happened? It feels like a soulless cash grab now, i had to unsubscribe from both the game and the emails afterwards as i was literally being harassed every few days to spend money.

Everything has been stripped back and things i worked for and felt proud of earning are now put behind some sort of shop promotion. The sub change, the super aggressive marketing. I feels like an old flame i decided to reconnect with has become some demented abusive stalker that just wants to clear out my bank account.

During the time i played it was a player run sandbox, now it feels like more of a Skinner box that CCP is designing with the aggressive meddling of in game outcomes and the marketing harassment outside of it. Such a damn shame, it’s just scared me away from playing again and reconnecting with EvE.

Thats all i got to say


Can i have your stuff??


No problem copypasta forum bot, i will contract you my rookie ship and cargo hold full of slaves. Try not to spend it all in 1 place

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They have added some skinner box stuff (i.e. login rewards and skilling spree), but they have not been meddling with outcomes. Eve is still a skill based game… for now.

Everything has been stripped back? Yeah, not even sure what you mean, but I’m going to have to disagree with you. Now, extrinsic rewards for some stuff has been reduced, but that shouldn’t be a problem for someone who hates skinner box mechanics.

Not sure what you’re talking about with the shop promotion thinking. Are you talking about asset safety?

I will definitely give you one thing though. Their marketing department should be taken around back and shot. They might be increasing revenue, but it comes at the expense of player perceptions of the game. And I can’t help but worry that they are doing long term damage.

Oh yeah, can I have your stuff? Like, for real. I’ll take a rookie ship with your name on it.


They want you to come back to the game, so the email you offers to try to entice you back to the game.

And did CCP respect the E-Mail opt out? Are they no longer sending emails?

If not this sounds like something the next CSM could raise as an issue, as more of a consumer protection thing.

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