Keep nerfing and i say goodbye

i subscribed eve for many years. but now the constant nerfing of items and ships and doing nothing against gangkers (i am not really affected by them, just see there devastating effects) with lash punishments is enough. lately they even nerfed the core stabilizers by reducing the bandwith for drones. why in the world did u do that, other than helping gangkers and thieves.
enough is enough and i most likely will not renew the subscription, and no, i will not play as alpha and no more promotion.
btw, do you know that CCP means Chinese Communist Party?


Can I have your stuff?


Why so much anger bro ?
Where does this come from ? !
Why are you ungrateful ?
You say nerfs , but these are actually buffs that we got and they encourage more situational awareness and less like botting activities.
The changes we had this year are the best since Apocrypha and will rejuvenate the game as never before, believe me these are the best times in EVE.
I’ve never felt so blessed with such great DEV Teams and CSM !


The name "CCP " is short for "Crowd Control Productions

You mean increased player retention and the increase of the general IQ level of players as they learn how to properly fit their ships with tank?


The WCS changes are indeed weird, but you know what? They do make it harder for suicide ganker’s looters to steal loot and escape.

The halving of drone bandwidth though…the only way I can rationalize that is that since they took something from ganker looters, they took something from potential victims as well. IDK.

But those WCS changes are so very radical. I still can’t believe they added a long cool down time after just one activation.

And yes, I never was a fan of nerfing. Its backwards. Technology should IMPROVE not go backwards (short a catastrophe of course).

Anyway, you should not threaten to leave clearly. You should either just leave, or say you find it unlikely you will stay much longer. In other words, don’t make promises unless you are sure to keep them. That promise has been broken a million times, so even if you are sure, no one believes you, not even CCP who is going to nerf again, I promise.


The warp core stabilizer change really wasn’t a buff for gankers. Honestly, WCS usage was already easily dealt with by fitting more points of warp disruption on your suicide point/alts/fleetmates. Moreover, my ganker loot scoopers are now more easily caught by anti-gankers. Solo gankers might be singing a different tune, but I consider it a nerf to me.

Oh, and I’m speculating here, but I reckon that the drone bandwidth penalty was to prevent cheesedick strats in PvP. As far as ganking goes, I couldn’t care less. It’s been my experience that even people with ECM drones fitted will rarely use them when ganked (sometimes they’re afk, and other times I think they’re just slow to react).

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Another bye bye thread, welll here we go then…


never ever best time
lot of crap
including the abyssal crap

what crap do u write.
it worked fine, but they started to nerf and the fit does no longer work. so what BS do u talk?

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agree with u, well to the GM i used the words to reconsider my subscription, but the chinese communist party (CCP) seems not to care.

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You were talking about Ganking. I’m saying that people who get ganked, then learn how to avoid getting ganked, end up as smarter players who know how to fit their ships.

But I can already tell that’s lost on you and you’re not one of those players who get smarter, lmao.


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